Saturday, May 15, 2010

The McKinsey need of prayers!

Brandi is a dear friend. Long story short, we met online quite a few years ago through a site called Just Mommies. Many of you following know about JM. Some of you don't. It is a community that has supported me in some of our darkest hours & continues to rally around those in need, particularly Brandi, David & her soon to be born son, Evan.

Brandi & David have fought fertility issues, beating the odds & getting pregnant on their own w/o assistance after IVF, only to have lost 3 chidren, Asher & Noah in Aug. '07 (non-viable conjoined twins), & Tres in Nov. '09. Now she will lose yet another child, due to incompetent cervix. Evan is only 21 weeks 3 days gestation which means there is a slim chance he will survive his birth today.

On top of that, Brandi has fluid in her lungs & a raging infection due to the bag of water having been bulging for a few days & Evan being half in & half out of the uterus.

Many have rallied around Brandi, David, & Evan in prayers. It is in my heart to tell everyone about this situation in hopes that you will consider praying for them & possibly donating to the situation. Brandi will likely remain hospitalized for some time, to control the pneumonia, low blood pressure, & infection. She will not return to work until the next school year.

David, bless his heart, has been by Brandi & Evan's side since the hospitalization & is also not working. What a strong man & father.

I am asking, begging...if you have anything to spare, even a dollar, to help this family. They are young, still in their mid 20's. No couple should have to go through the struggles Brandi & David have had.

If you are interested in donating, please send money via PayPal to

I will be taking donations for as long as I can. If you can't help monetarily, please say a prayer. Evan is or has already been born. My last update was at 8:30 am & they were starting pitocin. Since he was already so far out, it wasn't going to take long.

Thank you.

You can follow Brandi's blog BABY STEPS.


Kat Designed said...

I'm so sad to hear this for them... I remember Asher and Noah's mom from JM. It just seems so unfair.


analiese said...

I am so sad to hear this news. I have followed her blog for some time now. I have been praying for them since they got pregnant this time and will continue to pray for them.
Analiese Smith

*Melissa* said...

I have been praying for Brandi, almost non stop the last couple days... It's not fair. I just want Brandi to have her happily ever after. I want for her to finally be a mama. My heart is just aching...

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analiese said...

If you have an update on the McKinsey family can you pass it along please? There are many people here praying for them!

Norina said...

Oh this is beyond terrible. My heart aches to hear such pain. Thank you for bringing this family to my attnetion, so that I may pray for them during this most difficult time. I don't know her enitre story but to know this loss was due to an incompetent cervix...somethng that could have been prevented, makes me shout to God...WHY!? Why again?!...e do not know His will...I beg Him that HE be with Brandi and David and bring them the desires of their heart...soon. I will be sending you a little $$ to help.