Monday, May 24, 2010

No more AFO's, leg braces!

Today was Ian's 6 month follow up at Hope Orthotics. Have I mentioned how much I like it there? Jason is really good w/ kids. He is also very understanding when Ian has cried bloody murder in the past. So, thank you for putting up w/ Ian's crying!

Now, let me back track a bit. See, the PT that evaluated Ian in Feb came back out at the beginning of the month. His opinion was on the fence about the AFO brace but he still recommended we keep Ian in it. His primary concern is that Ian's calf muscle is a bit 'tight' & can cause him to stay stuck in tippy toe position. Now, he didn't remeasure Ian's flexibility the last time he was here so I'm not sure if he realizes how much Ian's range has increased. Either way, I'm not one to question.

THEN...our primary PT came out & said she really felt strongly that Ian would do well w/ just the Sure Steps. She recommended that I tell Jason everything, let him read the recommendations, look at Ian as he is also a certified PT & make the final call.

That is exactly what I did. Jason looked at Ian walk w/ & w/o his AFO's & determined that he is ready & will benefit from the Sure Steps. AND that means no more AFO's. We are done with them, at least for the next 6 months! We will reassess but he is fairly certain w/ the progress that Ian has made that we won't have to worry about the tippy/pointy toe thing.

This is cause for celebration!


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That's awesome Astrid! Yay Ian!!!