Sunday, May 23, 2010

hEvan...the new Etsy store!

For some reason,
I am very driven to help Brandi & David.
The task has been placed on my heart.

I've been able to gather
$4000 in donations in 7 days.

that just didn't seem like enough to me.

I think there is something bigger in the works.
Bigger than I ever anticipated.
Brandi & I have already talked
about something special & honestly,

I see it brewing.
I'm excited.
Excited to be part of this!

The new Etsy store is open.
It's called...


in honor of Evan Navarro,
of everything that Brandi & David have had to endure.

All proceeds will go to help offset the costs
of the funeral & the hospital bills.
Please consider purchasing something.

Here are some yummy items you can purchase...

We had 4 crochet beanie hats but now we are down to 1. Hurry!

And what about this precious pouch?
Perfect for newborn pics!

Domino necklaces are the big thing right now.
This is perfect for every day wear or for church!

And if I was able to wear necklaces, just because,
I would totally rock this one.
It is so delish!
Besides, turquoise IS the new pink.

All proceeds, 100% of them,
go to Brandi & David.


I'll be adding more items as I get them.
Something a little like this.

And if my girls look cute in it,
just imagine yours.

This dress also comes in pink/black/white.
Super cute for pictures!

And, that, my friends,
is all for today.

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~*Amanda~* said...

I'll be checking hEvan out! Wonderful idea :)