Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Brandi is still hospitalized.

If losing her 3rd child isn't enough.
My poor friend continues in the hospital.
They thought it was fluid in her lungs.

Turns out it is pneumonia.


A partially collapsed lung.

Yes, for real.

Not only do they have to pay for a funeral,
now they are going to have to pay some
serious hospital bills.

Not fair.
Life isn't fair.
But at least it is normally spread out
for others to experience.
Not for them.

Not sure when she will get out of the hospital.
I'm asking, begging...
please donate to her.
Any amount is better than no amount at all.

Paypal info...

Thank you!


C Golden said...

I was the one who donated $100 on JM. I love following you blog! I hope Brandi and her husband can get out of the hospital soon. Tell them I am praying for them

Surviving Triplets said...

You are a blessing in disguise! Thank you so much! We had a couple of nice donations. I hope I can get a few more & reach the new goal of $4000!