Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Changes are brewing.

I don't really WANT to change things. I don't really HAVE to change things. But if I am to be a good mommy & wife, I MUST accept the challenge & get ready for the changes that are in store.

What may seem regular to a parent that has 1 baby at a time rather than a litter like me, is that these changes are no big deal. For us, it is monumental. Huge. Ginormous. Yes, I said ginormous.

What changes? Eating family dinners & big kid beds. The latter will NOT be addressed until absolutely necessary. Like totally & absolutely necessary b/c after tonight, the thought of them being able to get OUT of their beds is not even a possibility.

You see, they went to bed at 7pm. We heard squealing which happens occasionally. I heard Sofi saying "mo-mo", translation...more-more. I decided to go set them straight. To scold them, & then lovingly give them a hug & tuck them in AGAIN, for the night. What I saw when I opened the door...just a pleasant reminder why we will NOT rush in to real beds.




And what did I do? Giggle. Couldn't help it. At least they were still in their cribs. So, at almost 8 at night, I took each kid out & started remaking their cribs.
You would have thought the fun would end there.


For another 15 minutes I heard squealing & honestly, I'm scared to go back up there. I really don't want to remake 3 cribs. Not tonight. No thanks.

That's the long & short of big kid beds.

Now, for dinner. The kids eat at 4. It's time to start eating as a family. One issue. No table. Well, we have a dining room table but that is my workspace. Yeah, I could give it up & wouldn't have a problem if I could put all my sewing & business stuff somewhere else.

Besides, we have a master plan. Now we have to get moving on it. We have a house built in the 70's & it was popular to have a bar counter. Problem is that w/ a family of 5, it isn't big enough. So, our plan is to cut it off & extend the regular counter in to a table. This way, I can cook & the kids & Daddy can sit & watch. Then we can all sit down together. Now, we just need to actually get it done.

Anyone want to do free labor? I'd be glad to sew something for you. Seriously.

The changes are coming. We will tackle family dinners first. Then the beds. Oh, the beds. Maybe not for another decade.


Susan said...

The beds scare me too. The thought of them having free roam in their room is terrifying and I agree, not until it's absolutely necessary! I'm sure you'll have better luck with the family dinners. At least your kids are past the throwing food stage ;)

Jenn said...

My DD didn't move to a big kid bed until about three. My DS was about 2.5. DS was not easy. He shares with his little brother and it has not been easy. I don't envy you! Dinners are pretty crappy too... sorry. :) I have 3 kids and we eat with Daddy EVERY night. I think I spend 30 minutes after cooking just getting their plates cut up! Then, running to the fridge or pantry. Ug. Good luck. It will be worth it. :) Really.

Mom, Wife, Nina said...

I am SOOOO glad Lola can't walk, because at her age Lex was already up and OUT of his crib and into our bed. Geesh! Sounds like you have a plan and a plan is good!

Jennifer said...

Ooooohhhh... boy!

Nasty. All around.

The bedding. (I had wondered if they were all in the same room.) The egging each other on.

The mess of eating at a table. The nastiness of home renos.


Kaplanovs said...

Oh how I wish I could give helpful advice. All I can offer is a glimpse of what it's like here:

Vivie was out of her crib by 1 year old, she was going to climb out of it, no stopping it, so we put her on a mattress on the floor. She goes to sleep between 9 and 10pm, no way around it, no coaxing her into bed earlier. She's normally up by 7:30 or 8, and takes a nap every few days (granted, she's about 3 months older, but still).

Take it in stride, a 7pm or 8pm bedtime is still pretty good!

Tonya said...

Oooh they're so ornery!

My daughter will be staying in a crib until she's 15. LOL. I am terrified at the thought of transitioning her to the big girl bed. Thankfully, she's completely content in her crib for now.

Erin said...

I am in bedtime hell right now. We just switched because she just climbed out of the crib like she was stepping over a toy on the floor. I will say it again...HELL...wait as LONG as you can.

Good luck with the dinners. I am sure you will LOVE it once you get all the kinks worked out.

Gigi said...

Hi! Another mom of triplets her (2b, 1g) I just found your blog today and wanted to tell you that I, too, was scared of beds. There was no way they were going to roam free! I finally moved them in january when they turned three (they were climbing out of their cribs so I didn´t really had a choice)and spent the first 3 month seating on a chair where I could see them (and they me) until they fell asleep!