Monday, February 2, 2009


My hubby's side of the family is from Pittsburg so needless to say, we are Steelers fans. Everyone in the house was excited about the game & Todd wanted to make sure the kids got in on the action & waved ar

Sofi liked waving the towel around, wish I had gotten a better shot of that!

Here is Ian in the bumbo chair w/ the Terrible Towel.

Daddy & Gabi waving the towel together after a touchdown!

A little update on Ian...he is all well in the sense of his health but he still has quite a ways to go before he gains back all the skills he lost. We are literally deals w/ a 10 mth old that has skills of a 3-4 mth old. The difference is that he already knows the concepts so teaching him them over again won't be as hard. He has managed to roll over from his tummy to his back, only once. He is also getting his left hand to his mouth & trying to pick up puffs but is still not coordinated enough. He isn't using his right hand much but that was the side the IV was on & was splinted. We also got a call from the neurologist & the metabolic tests came back normal so we have a very heathly, normal little boy.

Todd is exhausted & ready to come home in this picture. He was a stellar dad & stayed up there 99% of the time. GOOOOO DAD!

This is Ianchito getting his last round of steroids the day he came home.

Ian has qualified for Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) b/c of this so I am hoping to hear from them shortly. A therapist will come out to the house & work on his gross & fine motor skills. I have looked up some exercises to do w/ him & have already started. Please keep our boy in your prayers until he fully recovers!


Following Him said...

Prayers are definatly coming your way :) HE is such a little fighter and will challenge the struggle.

Brittanie said...

Lots of prayers for Ian!! Here's hoping he recovers his skills quickly. It's got to be frustrating for him, to not be able to do those things he was able to do before.

(hugs) for him and you!

Houghton Crew said...

Hi there!! We've been a bit out of touch with the blogs we follow. Lots of prayers for Mr Ian. Sounds like it has been a really stressful time for you guys. Glad to hear he is doing better. The Houghton Crew sends their best. Oh and one other thing....Yeah Steelers!!!

peapodsquadmom said...

praying for sweet little ian...and for you as you continue to help him through his recovery.

Mandie said...

Hi Astrid,

I have been wondering about Ian and it is good to hear that he's feeling so much better. You are right that since he already understands the concepts of the things he used to do, it will be easier for him to grasp them again this time around. I really believe that having his sisters around to "show off" in front of him will help motivate him, too. He's not going to want to be left out of the things they are doing and he will be caught up in no time. Especially with EI coming to help, and you dedicated to giving him the personalized one-on-one time he will need to learn the excercizes and skills.

Take care. Lots of good karma and hugs!