Friday, February 20, 2009

My goofy kids!

Did I ever tell you how goofy my kids are? I mean, seriously! Sometimes I wonder but then realize they ARE a product of Todd & I. Realization hits & then I KNOW why they are so funny!

Here is my boy & 1 of his many crazy faces.

Then we good ol' Gabi. She saw the red light go on & started smiling w/ the cell phone Abuelo brought her. You can really see all of her teeth in this one!

Here is Gabi, happy as can be w/ her bottle!

Little Miss Sofi is having a blast w/ all her soothies & pacis! Yes, she loves them! No, it doesn't bother me.

Talk about a sock obsession! She couldn't put them down to take her bottle!

Gabi is enjoying watching PBS for the 1st time!

Ian has gotten so much better at holding his head up & is really enjoying tummy time again although he still can't crawl. He is also sitting unassisted for longer periods of time. One thing I have noticed is he seems a bit rigid. For instance, he doesn't have any problems picking up his food but releasing it is a different story. He gets really tense. I know this is something we will be able to work on w/ ECI. They are coming back on the 5th of March! Otherwise, he is getting back to normal, including stealing his sissies' soothies directly from their mouth when they are in range. He has also gotten really good at spinning on his tummy & is kicking like crazy trying to move. I think he will be crawling soon enough but will still be behind his sisters. We'll catch him up, no worries!

**Oh, for those following my whole pumping woes, I have not dropped my 4th session as of yet. Yes, I know...I can't let go. One other thing, if you are going to make a comment, please leave a name so I can address you in a response. And, by the way, I do know I have accomplished more than most other women. That isn't the point. I don't compare myself to others. I'll get over it. Eventually.


Tiff F. said...

So glad that Ian is doing better each day! The girls are adorable as is Ian!

As for the pumping woes, keep going as long you feel like you should. Don't stop just because of someone else or the mastitis deem you should. If you stop pumping before you're ready you might feel guilty or regret it. Keep up the good work Astrid!

Melissa said...

Have you tried Fenugreek to help with supply? That stuff is amazing!! I know "mommy guilt" can be hard to deal with. ((HUGS)) You're doing such a great job!

I'm glad to hear that Ian is doing well and progressing.

Melissa :)

Laura Rucker said...

Astrid it is nice to see that you are trying to so hard to keep up with the babies. You are AWESOME. I did notice the TV in the picture and I just want to say from experience that if it is not tied down to the wall or on a latch system please secure it somehow. My oldest was almost killed when he and his younger brother pulled my dresser sown with a tv similair to yours on it. Thankfully the TV had cables on it and was pulled back to the wall but the dresser fell on him and he was hurt pretty badly. Let's just say we were at TCH and thankfully he is okay just a few scares from wounds. So now with my 4 everything in our house is bolted to the walls. You never know and you can't be to safe. These are our babies and we have to protect them at all cost. Just wanted to share b/c tv's make me nervous.

Krista said...

Hi, Just wanted to say I understand your pumping pain. You have been my inspiration to keep pumping as long as I have (including the middle of the night pumping session). I figure if someone else can do it, why can't I? I think you have done a remarkable job, but I know how hard it is to think about stopping or even slowing down. I have gradually slowed down to only 1 pumping session on the days I don't work (the rest of the time I BF) and subsequently the amount of formula they have gotten gradually has increased. I used to feel really guilty about giving them any formula, but I have gotten over it. I guess I wanted to say, don't stop before you are ready or because someone else thinks you should be ready. Do it when you think it is the right time for you and the babies.
P.S. - I'm so glad Ian is making such rapid progress.

Anonymous said...

Gosh Astrid, I can't believe how big they're getting and that hair is starting to grow fast and furious. They always look so happy and I can tell they have a blast with each other!