Monday, February 16, 2009

One month later...

Wow! The 15th was a month since the whole ordeal w/ Ian started. It all began w/ a runny nose. Then the seizure, a hospital stay, back home, loss of motor skills, another hospital stay, & finally a diagnosis. It has also been a month since Todd & I have slept in our own room, on our bed, together. We have been sleeping on a palette in the living room so we are near him but not in the same room. My anxiety level goes through the roof if I stay in there. I'm always up, looking at him, making sure he can breathe (sorry, I am confessing my obsessive tendencies). It is NOT good if you want to sleep.

Last night was a big night b/c Ian has not slept his room w/ his sisters since he has gotten sick. I think Todd was more nervous about him going back upstairs than I was but we both knew we needed to sleep in our bed again & he needed to get back in there w/ his sisters. Luckily, he slept all night long & we got to get a good night's sleep, finally.

Here are some wonderful, cute pics for your enjoyment!

This is Gabi's favorite pose now days...Home Alone anyone?

Sofi LOVES to pull up on the couch. No way to get that soothie out of her mouth either!

Heeeeeee! I'm going to crawl over my brother, don't care if he cares!

Mom, help! She won't get off me.

FINALLY! I've reached the toy!


Brittanie said...

LOL!!! With those sisters he's going to get all his skills back in no time, if only to defend himself.

They are just too adorable!

Following Him said...

Celebrate the times, come on! YAY for Ian sleeping through the night and YAY for some sleep for you all too. He will get all of his skills back in no time!

Texas Gal said...

Great pics Astrid! Glad to see him getting better! Wow- that was a month ago?!? Where does the time go???