Wednesday, February 25, 2009

From pureed foods to table foods

Ian had a follow up w/ Dr. N yesterday. He is doing remarkably better, her words. He is getting better. He is sitting on his own now for long periods of time, like 2-5 minutes. He has also learned how to "fall" back out of sitting to laying. For a while he would fall & his head would just hit the floor. Seems like he can now redirect himself as he is falling which is a very good thing.

An issue Dr. N wanted me to bring up to ECI is that when he stands (holding our fingers), he locks his knees & he won't budge! It is like he doesn't quite know how to tell his knees to unlock. As she was examining him yesterday, she tried to drag him forward which normally gets a baby to bend their knee but he wouldn't have it. He is like an IRON man, LOL! She & I worked together to get him to bend his knees. Seems like he needs a reminder that he can do this. I'll be sure to mention something to the PT coming out next week.

Otherwise, he is doing great! He gained almost a whole pound in just 3 wks! Here I was worried he wasn't getting enough milk while BFing, HA! He weighs 19 lb 2 oz. (8.6 kg). This means that Sofi weighs in at about 20 lbs (9 kg) & Gabi weighs about 21 lbs (9.5 kg). WOW! My kiddos are getting big!

On the news front, the kids have started refusing the spoon. I didn't realize this meant they were ready to self feed. Of course, Ian still needs help BUT Gabi & Sofi go to town w/ the food I cut up for them. So far, we have had waffles, toast, cheese, deli sliced chicken, & of course some of the Gerber Graduates puffs & other finger foods. I need ideas from you moms & dads reading the blog! What can I give my almost 1 yr olds (Oh Lord. Did I just type that?!?!)

Ianchito playing w/ my laptop while he is waiting to get some boobie.

Gabi & Ian playing together. Gabi LOVES rolling around in her blankie!

Sofi decided to chill w/ Daddy!

For those of you following the pumping progress...I am still doing it 4/day. Ian is still BFing 3/day. I told everyone on March 1st I would drop a session. We'll see. I'm not sure yet, depends on if they drop the amount they are taking.


Lani said...

Your babies are adorable!

Caralyn said...

Hi Astrid! I'm in the NWHMOM group too! So glad to hear that Ian is doing better, ECI will be a huge help!
My girls LOVED to eat grilled cheese, deli ham and turkey, wheat bread, almost any fruit(cut-up, of course), and Cheerios at that age. Now that they are older (they will be 2 in April), we have been mastering the spoon and fork. Lauren is usually the messier eater in the long-run b/c she works so hard at using the spoon or fork, Emma will sometimes just give up and use her hands, which is actually neater! :) Now they love to eat spaghetti and meatballs, turkey chili, tortellini, & mac'n' name it!
Keep up the good work!

Caralyn said...

Oh--and at 1 they also loved cheese, crackers, and well-steamed veggies.

Laura said...

Hi Astrid!
One of my friends (about to have twins any day now) was inspired by your family and told me about your blog. I'll admit it, I blog stalk a little-my daughter is 10 months-so some of your adventures sound very familiar. :) I'm keeping your family in my prayers, especially little Ian! Finger foods we're enjoying right now: grilled cheese 1/4s, steamed frozen veggies, freeze dried fruit, toasted mini bagels, pasta (macaroni works well) with sauce, ground beef with cheese and avocado (low carb baby taco!). Hope that helps!

Allison said...

Ah, the joys of self-feeding! I hate it, it is so messy but just another thing to deal with when you have triplets! I'm thankful for our feeding table, it is so easy to clean. Ours eat canned carrots that are already soft, meat sticks, mac and cheese, french toast sticks, nutrigrain bars, grapes, and peaches. But their favorite is mandarin oranges. They can eat a whole can in one sitting if I let them! Oh and those are good weights, mine are now 22, 21.8 and 21.4 at almost 14 months! Good job Mommy! Good to hear Ian is doing better, I pray for him everyday!

Have fun planning the big birthday party! :)

Heidi said...

I am so glad to hear that Ian is doing better! What a little trooper. I still struggle with ideas of things to feed my kids. They are 17mos. At one some of their favorites were bread with cream cheese and hummus, pizza flavored morning star burgers. They still love these! They're nice and soft. I melt a slice of cheese over the top sometimes. French toast. The little pasta pick ups by gerber are really good also. I just pinch them in half. They're a nice easy meal when you're in a hurry.
Hope some of this helps.