Monday, February 9, 2009

Alfalfa hair!

Ok, I'm not sure if I even spelled alfalfa right but who cares b/c the girls look so dern cute w/ their little pigtail standing straight up! I'm not much of a bow gal, never was so I was worried about when it would come time to put my girls' hair up & whether it would look ok. Their "bangs" have been getting in their eyes for about 2 wks now but w/ everything else that has been happening, I haven't had a chance to dig out the rubber bands & give it a go. I finally had the chance this morning.

I sat Gabi, then Sofi in my lap, bundled their hair together & got the rubber band around it. Here are the results!

Sofi & her pigtail! She was all smiles.

Then she decided maybe a pigtail wasn't all it is cracked up to be.

Gabi & her pigtail w/ a top view so you can see how little is actually in it, LOL!

Gabi is our ham. Can you tell?

Also, I can't leave out an update on Ianchito. He is progressing. He has sat up by himself for about 5-10 seconds at a time which is pretty big since his core strength all but disappeared. He is also grabbing toys w/ both hands albeit not like he use to. He is still having problems sleeping through the night which is more of a problem for Todd & I but we are managing. It is better to have him here & deal w/ that then him in the hospital. He will be going to the neurologist tomorrow so I am sure I will update again as soon as we get back.


Brandy said...

Hey Astrid,
The pony tails are so cute. I justed started put one in Ella's hair. The only problem is her 3 brothers try to pull it out. I am so glad to hear Ian is progressing well. Talk to you soon.
GBBB quads

Brittanie said...

It's so cute!! I was so excited when Erin finally had enough hair for piggies!

I'm glad to hear that Ian is getting better. I'll keep praying for him!

Susan said...

They are so cute and even cuter in person!! Thanks for letting me come see your trio and I hope to get over there again soon!

Anonymous said...

Don't you just looooooove putting their hair up? They are so adorable! Just like a little Pebbles. Wait till you get enough for pigtails :)

I'm glad Ian is doing better. I was worried about him while I was away last week without internet access, so it's good to come back to see things are looking up. *hugs*


Megan Jannise said...

Can I just say? SO FREAKIN' CUTE!!!! OMG!! I want to pick them up and squeeze them!!!!

I am glad Ian is doing better. I am thinking of you and Todd and hoping you are getting a little sleep.

Maybe we can get together soon. What do you think? Possibly get the babies together for lunch sometime this month? We would love to see you.

Norina said...

Too darling Astrid! I am happy to hear Ian is continuing to make such progress. Children are so resilent, he will be surpassing his sissy's in no time, you just hold tight dear friend. My dh and I pray for his well being and he has been added to our church's prayer chain. Please continue to update us. I love seeing your children thrive. You and Todd are excellent parents!(((Hugs))) N~