Friday, February 13, 2009

First words????

I am rather confused by the whole 1st word situation. I have heard many friends say that their childen have said Mama or Dada & consider it their child's 1st word but I wonder if the baby really *knows* what they are saying. The reason it is confusing is b/c my babies have all been saying Mama for quite some time, especially when they are upset but I'm not sure that they are making the connection. I mean, there are times where they have said Mama & looked at me but I just don't feel that they are truly getting it b/c otherwise they would always look at me & say Mama, right? That seems like the logical way of thinking.

This is an issue b/c Gabi has started saying "bye-bye". I will say it & she will repeat it. Sounds exactly like how I say it & sometimes she will even wave her hand b/c I do too when I say it. I honestly think she is imitating my sounds, not really understanding that bye-bye means that someone is leaving & will come back later. So, do I count it as her 1st word? I just invisioned something else. 2 syllables put together to me doesn't justify a word. Ma-ma, da-da, ba-ba, bye-bye...see what I mean?

Am I crazy? Seriously, am I just being to harsh & already expecting my kids to overachieve? Boy, I feel sorry for them if I am!

Anywho, here is a video of Gabi saying bye-bye. She is so cute when she says it!

Also, I have to update on Ianchito. Our intake w/ Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) is next week. I wish it were assessment day instead b/c then the PT could tell me some new exercises to do w/ him. I do quite a few every day & try to put him in balance compromising positions. He is getting better at rolling over from back to front & front to back & does it w/ purpose, to get a toy. He is also just now starting to spin on his tummy to change the direction he is going in. YAY!

Well, that is it for now!


Liz said...

That is really great that Gabi is mimicking you like that! So cute! But it doesn't seem like she understands the meaning yet so I think it still counts as babbling and not a first word. Nevertheless, it's great she is so verbal!

Anonymous said...

Hey Astrid, I'm just a lurker from JM, but I wanted to comment because I was having the same issue with first words with my boy. He said "mama" and "dada" from probably six or seven months old, but I didn't count it as a first word because, like you said, they are just imitating noises, not understanding context. One day when he was close to a year I pointed at a picture of a duck and said "duck", then he pointed to it and repeated the word. I counted that as his first word because he seemed to understand what the word meant.

WTG Gabi!