Thursday, January 31, 2008

Short & sweet :)

WAAAAAHOOOOO!!!!! I got a call from my peri's nurse yesterday afternoon & she told me that my 1 hour results were back. She told me that it was perfect, actually better than perfect which made me SOOOOOOO happy! As always though, there has to be that 1 thing to be thrown in there to put a little damper on the issue. My iron levels are still low. Well, DUH! I've got 3 babies sucking me dry!

I asked what I could do, whether I needed to up my iron supplement to 3 times daily & she said she would actually prefer that I try to eat more iron rich foods. I can do that...come on pasta & rice! Especially now that I'm not diabetic, I can have all that stuff. Bring it on! If that doesn't work, then I will have to up the supplement & that comes w/ consequences...constipation.

Now, I don't mean to get off on another tangent but any pregnant woman can vouch for this...being constipated sucks during pregnancy. I don't mean to get too graphic but you can't strain so that leaves very serious problems if ya know what I mean. Needless to say, the last thing I want to do is become more constipated. I have finally started to become regular. PLEASE...NO MORE IRON SUPPLEMENTS!

Anyway, back on topic. Todd is going to go to the store tonight to stalk up on iron rich & fortified food for me. Apparently the babies are fine, I just can't handle them sucking me dry. We are really going to try to change that.

Alrighty then! Enjoy the rest of your week & thank you again for all the prayers! THey continue to work!


jhp1421 said...

Astrid, it's jhp1421 from TC. I love following your blog, I feel like I'm going through it all over again. Not that you want to chat about constipation but I found something that works pretty well and since your a healthy girl and you need the iron rich foods, try the cereal called "Flax Flakes". Your local grocer should have them, if not, try a health food store. One bowl and stuff was movin' if you know what I mean. But you have to have at least one bowl a day so your body gets used to it and makes you regular. Also, I took Metamucil capsules everyday. Ask your peri but I'm sure they won't mind if you do that. Hope it helps!

Best of luck, Jennifer

Natalie said...

Glad your glucose level was good!! That's great!

I'm anemic too, and those little suppliments... ugh. Yes, constipation issues during pregnancy SUCK.

Norina said...

Well since we're into the TMI facotr :) I'll share that I too am extrememly anemic and OB has ordered the 3 x's a day iron supplements for me. I was so scared of constipation! But guess what? The darn stuff has the OPPOSITE effect on me! AGH!!! Don't know what's worse iykwim! LOL! I can't say this enough, but what we will do for these little babies is amazing isn't it? Great news on the glucose front. Enjoy that pasta! Love and prayers, N~