Monday, February 4, 2008

Fun but exhausting weekend!

WOW! I had no idea one big shower would exhaust me for a full 36 hours! I haven't slept that good for 2 days in a row in ages! Now that I have rested up, I am ready to sort through all the wonderful things I got. That is going to be just as fun!

It all started Saturday morning. My mommy came over at about 10am & we started working on getting the house ready. Ok...she & Todd started working on the house while I was working on some necklaces for a game. Even that is more than what I am use to doing so I'm sure that also contributed to my exhaustion.

At about 3pm, I hopped in the shower & let me tell you how much of an ordeal that is now days! Can you believe just taking a shower, sitting down, renders me breathless? Seriously, it is crazy! I can barely towel myself off & forget my legs, if Todd isn't around, they air dry! I literally have to lay down after the shower to relax myself & catch my breath. It sucks!

At about 4pm, the guests began to arrive. Let me tell you that this was also a wine party, lol! Funny thing is it didn't bother me that they were drinking. I thought it was fun to see everyone have a great time! Also, there were quite a few men there. See, in Argentina, there are no baby showers so this was a new thing for my parents & since we are not traditional anyway, why not have men around? Todd was even there. My brother & dad were there too! Of course, the men stayed outside most of the time but it was still great to have my dad come in every now & again to rub the belly & talk to the kids. I can't wait to see him hold them!

The presents were fantastic! I can officially say that I don't need anymore NEWBORN clothes! I have enough! What I need now is most definitely the rest of the 1st year's worth of clothes. I don't have much after they grow out of the newborn stuff. We did get a bunch of diapers, of course. We even got some preemie diapers which we hadn't gotten so far. Thank God someone thought to buy them! We also finally got some toys. We haven't gotten any of the big stuff though. No swings or bouncy chairs. EKE! Hopefully someone will be purchasing those for us. If not, I'll turn to my wonderful triplet mommy group here in the city & get some used ones.

The shower finally wrapped up at around 8:30pm. See what happens when wine is involved? It was great! I really appreciate all the gifts I received! It is wonderful to have so many people care about us.

The babies continue to do well. They are getting stronger & stronger by the day. I have to say that their personalities are beginning to develop. My Gabi is the big girl & can kick like a professional soccer player! Ian is a mover & a shaker so I think he will be our anxious one. It seems like he can never get too comfy or something like that. Sofi is our strong, silent child. She is at the bottom & guarding the cervix. She moves around but not nearly like her siblings. That could be b/c she is at the bottom & b/c she is already head down so when she does move, I'm not always sure that it is her or if it is Ian or Gabi. I'll be curious to see if their personalities really end up like that.

We have made it to 26 weeks today! Another blessing from God! Please keep all the prayers coming! We appreciate it all!

God Bless!


Norina said...

Awww I'm so happy to read you had a good time and that your shower was quite the success! God bless you and those little ones. Love your updates!

Kristin said...


I am so happy to hear that you have reached 26 weeks and those beautiful babies are growing so good! I was klfc28 on justmommies but have left jm. I lurk here and there to check on how you are doing. Good luck and hope things continue at this great pace! BTW, my friend that had the cerlage is now 32 weeks and still going strong too!

txsjewels said...

it was GREAT to see you this weekend. the wine was fab-u-lous!and you look fabulous as well. can't wait to see those kids!

love to you... and todd (my boy in the doghouse!)


DG said...

I just found this blog and I know it will be very interesting to read.
Hope things keep going perfect for you.