Friday, February 29, 2008

Nausea is back & the nursery is almost done!

Well, who would have thought that I would have to go through "morning sickness" again in the 3rd trimester? Seriously, I was so relieved to get back to normal after the 1st 14 weeks of pregnancy & now I am facing the same demon. BLAH!

Let me explain a bit better. The babies are getting big, I don't care what those measurements said last week, they are bigger! My belly is bigger & the kiddos are moving around more. I can tell more body parts so to hell w/ the measurements! B/c they are growing, they are pushing my other stuff (organs & what ever else is in the torso region) up. That includes the tummy. I went from being able to eat a full meal 2 weeks ago to barely being able to eat anything. I'm not joking...yesterday all I was able to eat AND keep down was my protein shake & cereal from the morning & a grilled cheese sandwich that I ate at 9:15pm. Yep, everything else was eaten but came right back up. Not like I ate much to begin with that could come up but it did.

I have figured out that ice cream isn't good to eat anymore. The same thing happened in the 1st trimester, no ice cream for me. It made me sick then & it is making me sick now. I am going to chalk it up to my digestion slowing down quite a bit which is also very normal at this stage in a multiple gestation pregnancy. I can eat my cereal & protein shake in the morning & be fine for a good 4 hrs before my tummy really is "empty" again. Mind you, that isn't a whole lot to eat...1 cup of cereal (not a whole bowl, a measured out cup) and a glass of milk w/ the protein powder mixed in w/ it. Before, I would eat that & be hungry 2 hrs later.

Also, it isn't about eating something delicious, it is about not having an appetite. Yeah...that has disappeared too. There isn't much that is appealing to me anymore. If I don't eat something, it isn't b/c I don't like it or don't appreciate the food, it is b/c there is something in my head that won't let me eat it. Very weird. I have come full circle w/ all this eating...I went from being a very healthy eater before pregnancy, to eating everything in sight to not being able to eat much at all. Fine by me b/c then the weight will come off quicker after I have this trio!

Ok, enough about my darn eating patterns, lol! I have some great nursery pics to update you with. The funiture looks beautiful in the room. We still have 1 crib left to put together so there are only 2 in there right now. Also, the floor lamp & the black chair will not be part of the decor. For your viewing pleasure...

It is great! Julie is coming over tomorrow to help put the finishing touches in the nursery & help me organize things in there since I can't do it. Jesse did a beautiful job doing all the dots. Todd has been fantastic putting everything back together & keeping the house in order. He does an even better job of taking care of me every day. The crew is working hard! Now, the babies need to arrive & I can get out of bed!

To all reading, thank you for the prayers & support. We dearly appreciate it!


Amanda said...

I LOVE your nursery! How many weeks are you? Hang in there, it will be over before you know it and then the fun really begins...

Matt.C said...

I had a really hard time in the 3rd trimester too. A lot of my nausea was linked to acid reflux, as well. But the squishing of the stomach does nothing to help the appetite!

I totally empathize with you on the throwing up part. I'm one of those that is sick the entire time.

Anyway, the nursery looks great! You're doing wonderful! Hang in there!

Much love and prayers,

Barron Triplets said...

I threw up everyday, all day, until three days after our trio was born. Ours were big and healthy. They will take what they and you just won't get as much. I only gained 12 pounds and ours were all at least 4 lbs. Don't worry, it sounds like your doing a great job!

Jinxs said...

what a wonderful nursery for your 3

Emma said...

the nursery looks great!!

I had a hard time with the third trimester too - got my m/s back & lost my appetite again too!

It's been so great being able to keep up with you & the triplets via your blog!!!

Emma (Mummy to Gaby)

Norina said...

Astrid- I have an encore performance of m/s too! Can you believe it? like we didn't sufer enough in the 1st and 2nd (in my case) trimester! But soon it will be over and a VERY distant that will appear as a small sacrifice to make for our gorgeous babes!

What a LOVELY nursery!!! you have wonderful friends and family helping out! Who's Julie? i feel like writing her an email just to let her know that she is an amazing friend to you :)

Leslie said...

Your nursery is just too cute! It is totally your style!

mamaduk said...

It is totally weird to have m/s come back in the third trimester, but that's been my experience every pregnancy (all four singletons). I was feeling great this time starting about 20 weeks, just some nausea at night, nothing major. I hate the end of the 26th week and the nausea was back in full force. It's crazy!

~Heather (Butter on JM)