Wednesday, January 2, 2008

3 more weeks til our 1st goal!

We have made it to 21 weeks! I can't believe how fast last week went & it is already Wednesday, January 2nd! Where did the time go? Seriously, I never thought that time would speed on by while stuck in bed but WOW, it sure did this week! I think that I can honestly say that the 1st week in bed was horrible. I was trying to get use to laying horizontally & keeping myself busy & that was really tough. See, normally I am a very active person. Before the pregnancy, I was active in martial arts, working out, cleaning my house, doing the yard (one of my favorite things to do), & just being active in general. So, to go from all that to...well...nothing...that was hard! Now that I'm entering week 3 on bed rest, I have gotten accustomed to being in bed & either working on the computer, watching tv, reading, or something else. It has really helped!

I think a huge help has been my wonderful husband. Todd treats me like a QUEEN & I am not lying when I say that. I am so well taken care of. Also, on his days off, he tries to either stay in bed w/ me to keep me company or he is around the house doing things that need to be done like laundry. For example, yesterday we spent about 5 hours in bed together watching Season 1 of The Sopranos. We both enjoyed the time together & the show. In between the episodes, my darling would do laundry! That is my honey! I can't live without him, that is for sure!

I have also had quite a few visitors which have helped pass the time. My best friend, Leslie, came in from New Jersey & spend all of last Friday with me. She is also pregnant & due only 3 days before me. The difference in our size is AMAZING! We had a blast laying around all day eating junk food. It all started w/ donuts & ended up w/ Chick-fil-A...YUMMY! We also bought things from her registry & just hung out being pregnant together. We always dreamed about becoming parents together. The only bummer is she is still living in New Jersey. Anyone have any ideas how to get her back home to Texas?

After 10 days in Pennsylvania, my inlaws are also back in town. It is great to have them back home. My parents are still out of town but will be back this weekend. Both sets of parents have been fantastic in helping us. I don't know what we would do without them! Some of my other visitors have been Stacey (my other very bestest frind in the world), her daughter Bailey who I have known since birth, Jeff, Julie, my brother, & Jesse. It is great having them visit me! I am looking forward to more visitors in the days/weeks to come.

OHHHH...I can't forget my beloved kitties! They keep me entertained. Jack & I play fetch every day in the morning. It is the cutest thing I have ever seen...a cat that plays fetch. She is very thorough about it. First, she brings me the ball & drops it where I can reach it. Then she gets herself all ready...perky ears, straight back, & starts looking around for the ball even before I throw it. Then I toss the ball from the bedroom to the living room & off she goes. She gets the ball & brings it right back to where we started. We can do this for quite some time! Who would have thunk...a cat that plays fetch.

Now, on to the babies...they have been moving & kicking like crazy! is like they are having a soccer match in there at least twice a day! Todd feels them from time to time. Leslie also got to feel them move. Every once in a while they rearrange themselves & one side of my tummy will stick out further than the other. Todd sees this & is just amazed! Honestly, so am I. We get to see our precious babies again next Tuesday, January 8th. I hope that my cervix is still holding up & that there isn't any more funneling. I have been following my bed rest orders very strictly so I am hoping that nothing has gotten worse. Well, I think that is about it for now.

Love you all!

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Jennifer said...

I'm so glad time is flying for you! I hope it continues to go quickly!