Thursday, December 27, 2007

We passed 20 weeks!

Don't you just love the picture? It was the funniest thing b/c obviously everyone knows I am on bed rest but here I am in front of the Christmas tree w/ Todd, hehe. Well, the story is that when I went to the bathroom, everyone would jump up to get their camera so that they could either get a picture of me or take one with me. It was the funniest thing b/c before I got up, I would say, "I'm going to the bathroom so have your cameras ready when I get out!" HAHA!

Honestly, we could not have had a better Christmas. My spirits were lifted which was much needed at the time. I was down at first that I couldn't get up & join the fun by helping cook or drinking spirits w/ the rest of the family BUT when they made a semi-cirlce around my spot on the couch & were there w/ me the whole evening, I felt so loved! My brother kept calling me "The Queen" b/c everything was based around me. I have the best family a girl in this situation could have. LOVE TO ALL MY FAMILY!

It so happens that the day we all celebrate the birth of Christ, we also hit the 20 week mark. WAAAHOOOO!!!! Honestly, I never thought I would make it out of the teens so to be in the 20s now makes the big 24 week goal a realistic one. I just have to remember to take it one day at a time. The days are going by faster than what I expected. Don't get me wrong, there are times when the minutes on the clock slowly tick by but I try really hard to not watch the darn thing.

My fears of what can happen are still in my head but they have subsided quite a bit since I have been doing some research on incompetent cervix & funneling. It seems as though many women have carried to either full term if they were pregnant w/ singletons or to an average of 30 weeks with triplets. That being said, I am taking the bed rest very seriously. I have modified my schedule a bit. Instead of getting up every hour to go pee, I try to make it through every 2 hours which isn't as difficult as I thought so long as I am engrossed in doing something this I don't think about whether my bladder is full or not. It actually helps pass the time a bit faster since I am not constantly looking at that darn silver thing on the wall w/ 2 silver hands.

Oh, I can't forget to talk about how much these 3 are kicking me! It is the most amazing feeling in the whole world! For those of you that have never had a baby kick you from the inside, it feels like basically someone is thumping you from the inside out. I can even tell which one is kicking me. The only one I have troubles feeling is Sofi b/c she is at the bottom & really deep in my pelvic area. The dr even has a hard time measuring her head b/c it is right at my pelvic bone. Todd has felt them kick a couple of times. They are getting stronger & bigger every day! I'm so proud of my little ones. They are ahead of schedule on their weight & development so I am hoping that will help us out in the long run.

Keep the prayers coming! Much love to all!


Marla said...

Love the pic, you look adorable! Glad you had a great Christmas, and just think, next year will be a FABULOUS Christmas with those 3 sweeties crawling all over and into everything! Take care!

Brittanie said...

Astrid! Are you 20 weeks already? I feel like it was just yesterday you got your bfp or found out it was actually triplets, and now you're halfway there!

Or more than halfway since you're doing a 34 week gestation.

No matter what happens, you are proving what a wonderful mother you are right now. Reading your day on bedrest proved to me that I'd probably go bonkers.

((HUGS)) You are a wonderful woman and God has a lot planned for you. He obviously thinks you're a great woman to give you three at once!

I'm praying for you! I want you to get to at least 30 weeks!