Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of our family & friends! This is the time of year that we all need to sit back & enjoy our families. I feel very blessed to be at home rather than in the hospital on Christmas. It breaks my heart to think of all the people that are spending their Christmas in a small hospital room. Please keep them all in your prayers, especially those mommies who are on bed rest like myself but can't be home to enjoy this time of year.

I have been in better spirits for the past couple of days although I can honestly say I am still dealing with the shock of this all. I think that the first week I was being the "strong woman" & didn't really let it all sink in. I was sure that everything was going to be fine. I still believe in my heart that things are going to progress but I see that the reality of the situation is that the road will not be easy. Needless to say, if this is as bad as it gets, I will not complain at all BUT statistically speaking there are many more bumps in the road that we could face.

Without getting too in to the details, there are still the issues of preterm labor, more funneling of the cervix, the cerclage not doing its job, or any one of the babies' water breaking. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be facing all these serious complications! Trying to digest them is incredibly difficult but I am managing. They say to take it one day at a time, right? Well, that is what we are doing.

Tomorrow we will be 20 weeks along which is amazing. I know my babies are moving around in there as I am feeling them quite a bit more than I ever have. It is the coolest feeling in the world & I can't wait until they really start kicking & hitting with some more force. Right now it feels as though someone is thumping me from the inside. Todd insists on playing them music every night so we do. I place headphones around my belly & we let them listen to a CD that their Grandma Donna gave them. You can tell it gets them moving because we can really feel them kicking. Todd sometimes wonders if we play it too loud. I told him there is no way!

Todd is getting the house ready for my family to come over. I can't wait to have some company! It is great to have people over. It really helps pass the time. I think the hardest part of this all is when I'm alone. I know that today will pass quickly & we will enjoy Christmas Day alone this year. Todd's parents are out of town visiting family in Pennsylvania. We said to one another that this will be our last quiet Christmas. HAHA! Let's hope & pray that this is the truth. I can handle loud holidays with our 3 children next year.

Every day continues to be a blessing & we appreciate all your thoughts & prayers! God Bless & enjoy these special days w/ your family!

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Emily said...

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas Astrid! Many T&P's for you as we head into the New Year!