Thursday, December 20, 2007

Day in the life of a woman on bed rest...

Have you ever just wanted to know what bed rest is all about? Well, let me give you a snippet of what life is like when all you can do is stay in bed. Actually, I am going to show you my "busy" schedule for the day!

6:20am ~ Pray w/ Todd for the health of our babies & our sanity.
8:00am ~ Wake up & hurridly go to the bathroom, brush my teeth & hair so I am not standing up too long!
8:05am ~ Eat breakfast that Todd has prepared & left by the bed for me.
8:30am ~ Do wrist & ankle circles to keep blood circulating.
8:35am ~ First activity...knitting, internet, bills, or anything else that tickles my fancy.
9:00am ~ Go to bathroom in a hurry so I am not upright very long.
9:02am ~ Start 2nd activity of the morning, what ever I wasn't doing before.
9:30am ~ Band exercise time!
9:37am ~ Next activity :)
10:00am ~ Bathroom! Time to take advantage of being upright & stretch!
10:02am ~ Next activity...flip sides so I don't get too sore.
10:30am ~ Wrist & ankle circles
10:35am ~ Hopefully someone has called me by now & I'm happily chatting on the phone!
11:00am ~ Bathroom break!
11:02am ~ Hmmm...time for a little snack, yummy!
11:30am ~ Switch sides b/c I'm getting sore.
12:00pm ~ Bathroom break!
12:02pm ~ Start thinking about lunch but hold off a bit more so pick up knitting instead & watch some tv.
12:30pm ~ FLIP!
1:00pm ~ Bathroom break!
1:02pm ~ Time for lunch :)
1:30pm ~ FLIP! I also am on the internet by this time answering emails, looking things up for the registry, etc.
1:10pm ~ WOW! I made it 10 minutes past my normal bathroom break! WOOT!!
1:30pm ~ FLIP! Do some ankle & wrist circles.
2:15pm ~ Is it just me or did I pass my bathroom break again?
2:17pm ~ Keep surfing the internet & hang out on Just Mommies.
3:00pm ~ BOY! Is my ass sore or what? I guess I forgot to FLIP when I was suppose to! Hmmmm...don't really need to go to the bathroom so maybe I can hold out until the next hour. Keep busy either knitting, surfing, or watching Dr. Phil...yeah, I know real intelligent stuff here, right?
4:00pm ~ My bladder! I have to pee!
4:02pm ~ Snack time...fruit, veggies??? NAH! Where are the chips?!
4:30pm ~ Praying for Todd to get home so I have some human company. Don't get me wrong, the kitties are great but boy, they are high maintenance w/ the petting thing.
4:40pm ~ Todd is home! WOOT! Adult company for a change. WHEW!
5:10pm ~ OOPS...forgot to get up & go pee! Let me do that now.
5:12pm ~ Start doing one of my various activities or talk to my mom which has shown up by now.
6:00pm ~ Start thinking about dinner...yummy! The parentals have brought something by for dinner.
6:30pm ~ Missed the bathroom break again & now I really need to go!
7:00pm ~ DINNER TIME! I get to eat something warm for a change!
8:00pm ~ Bathroom & time to wind down. Watch tv w/ Todd.
8:30pm ~ Todd is asleep so I can finally change the channel from Fox News to something a bit more captivating like Law & Order or some other detective type show.
9:00pm ~ Time to go to guessed it! BATHROOM!!!
10:00pm ~ Last trip to the bathroom & then off to sleep!

So, there you have it...a day in the life of a pregnant woman on bed rest! Anyone want to join me?


... said...

Sounds like loads of fun Astrid! I bet you'd be a hoot to be on bedrest with! It must have taken you a good 30 minutes to write this post so that's something, huh?


Marla said...

Yikes Astrid, no thanks! You poor thing...

Tamara said...

you are so funny! If I had your phone number I'd put you on my calendar to call once a week...:)

Mom of 3 Cute Babies said...

Sounds a lot like my 3 months of bedrest, except I woke up at 10am and went to bed around 12am, and had to go to the bathroom every 10 minutes!! Hang in there, having a schedule, no matter how silly, does help the time pass by.

Starry said...

wow! exciting stuff huh??? yep it stinks but if it keeps those babies safe i know you'll do whatever it takes.! i wish i was closer i would come visit, and we could play cards or a borad game or something. Im still on bedrest for 8 more days and then my little miss will be here thank goodness! im ready to resume life again. Pm me on jm if you wanna talk and ill send you my phone number or you could send me yours , heck since were both in the bed we could kill some time giggling with each other! ;) hugs! hope you have a good day!

Stephanie said...

Hello, we don't really know each other, but you are due the same time as my little sister. I've seen your name around JM and I just had a suggestion for a bedrest activity for you. Cross stitch. I made my daughter a beautiful blanket when I was pregnant, i started it because i needed something to keep my mind of the morning sickness. She is now five and loves to use it for her dolls. It's not hard and you can buy kits at a local craft store. Maybe do one for each little one!