Sunday, January 27, 2008

Our first shower!

Before I even get in to the details of the shower, I really want to thank my best friend, Stacey, & good friend, Brittnay, for throwing such a wonderful shower! You girls rock!

The shower got started at about 1pm. No one ever wants to show up first so it was a bit later than that but it was still GREAT! I have to say that I really enjoyed the fact that there weren't too many people there. I think all in all, there was 10 of us but that gave me the opportunity to really talk to some of the girls I hadn't seen in a while.

Now, I have to tell you I laid down the whole time which gives a new perspective to the whole thing. I wasn't all that comfortable b/c I was trying to keep my hair decent looking...hahaha! It felt great to get ready for a big event. My spirits were lifted by all the girls there & the conversations we were having. It also helps to get that nice shower (you know what I am talking about if you have ever been on bed rest for any length of time), wear real clothing, do my hair & put on makeup. I felt like a whole new woman, at least for a little while. Laying down doesn't do much for keeping the powder on or the hair lookin' fresh, if ya know what I mean.

Here are a few pictures for you all to see!

The gifts were plentiful! I never knew baby clothes could be so darn cute! I guess I never really paid any attention to them before. We also got quite a few diapers, at least a months worth. Of course, we had to put our math skills to use to figure that out. I figured we were going to go through about 200 daipers a week, times that by 4, and that gives you around 800 diapers a month! That is a ton of diapers. Seriously...we are going to have to get another trash can for outside just for diapers alone! Do you think we can bribe the trash guys to come more than once a week???

I want to thank all my guests! Julie, Jennifer F., Jennifer C. & Kayla, Amanda, Nora, my mom, Todd's mom, and of course, my 2 hostesses...Stacey & Brittnay! I really enjoyed my time w/ you all yesterday. Thank you for making my 1st shower so special!


Amanda said...

Those Gerber girl long sleeve onesies you're holding in the picture are the best thing EVER! My daughter (and son, I had blue ones, too) lived in them in the NICU. They're great because they are long sleeved (=warm) and snap up the front so the wires be accomodated easily. Wash them up and take them to the hospital. :)

Mom said...

I know I will sound cheesy, but I prefer to tell you a million times how much I love you, and respect you for WHO YOU are.
I am very lucky (blessed) to have been given the opportunity to be your mom.
LOVE YOU Sweetie