Monday, January 28, 2008

Another great perinatologist appointment!

WOOT! God has blessed us w/ another good report from the peri! First, I had to do the 1 hour glucose test. That orange stuff isn't nearly as bad as everyone claims it to be. I guess that maybe I have a sweet tooth? Now, it did give me heartburn which wasn't any fun & I also got a sugar buzz from it that left me a little shaky but otherwise, I tolerated it well.

Of course, I was worried about the cervix but to our pleasant surprise, it is still holding! There was no funneling when she pushed on it & it is still long like it was the last time, right around the 3cm range. I think that is what scares me the most from the whole visit as I know the babies are fine b/c of their movements.

On to the babies...they are doing marvelous! The peri is very happy w/ their progress & even called Gabi a "chunker" today. What can I say? Laying in bed, eating & not exercising along w/ the daily protein shakes can really help put some weight on the babies. They all gained between 4-5oz in 10 days! I thought it would only be about 3, maybe 4 as they have been gaining about 2oz a week. Here are their stats...

Gabi ~ A whopping 1lb 10oz!
Sofi ~ Coming in 2nd at 1lb 9oz!
Ian ~ Our little caboose is 1lb 8oz!

Since they are all so close in weight, it is a big relief. We hope they continue to share the nutrients & that their placentas continue to keep up the good work! It is most definitely a combined effort at this point! We are happy to report that we do not need to go back for another 2 weeks. That is great!

Besides the appointment today, I wanted to give a HUGE THANK YOU to all the girls at Just Mommies for throwing me a WONDERFUL online baby shower. I never knew the amount of support we were receiving until I opened all the gifts that came to us through the mail from women I have never met in real life. Thank you all for coming in to our lives & loving our babies!

Now, I wanted to answer some of the comments I have received so here goes...

Tami wanted to know where we got the bedding. It took forever to find a place that had cute mini crib bedding but I finally did at a place online called "Dress up the Nursery". The owner was also kind enough to give us a 15% discount for the triplets on everything we purchased! They also have beautiful full size crib bedding. I highly recommend it to ANYONE looking. The prices are also EXTREMELY reasonable!

Susanne wanted to know if Todd went to the University of Texas & the answer is yes...HOOK 'EM HORNS!

Thank you to everyone for the continued prayers. We really appreciate all of you. God bless!


♥ Mommy said...

You really inspire me!! I love coming here and reading your journal, it makes me feel better about being pregnant and I get excited all over again about our baby.

I'm so glad you and the babies are doing good. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that they stay put much longer!!!!♥

Seanaci said...

Just wanted to say you are an amazing mama. I can't remember how I found your blog...but...I enjoy reading all the good news that comes your way.

Congrats on having healthy babies so far!

Katie said...

Whooohooo!! Awesome appt!! So glad to hear all is well. I LOVE that bedding. I will have to check it out and see if they have twin sized stuff. Hopefully we will have the girls transitioned to that by the end of this year. Time sure flys!!

mom to triplet girls