Sunday, January 20, 2008

Postpartum reality sets in :(

It is one thing to know that you aren't going to have much muscles left after being in bed for a long time, it is a complete other to be told you will most likely need physical therapy to really be able to get back on your feet! WOW! I know I am getting weaker & weaker by the day. Shoot, by the end of a 10 minute shower, I am winded & needing to get straight in to bed to calm down again.

Reality is setting in. I think part of me knew about what the recovery was going to be like but seeing that I needed 8 weeks after the c-section to recover & most likely longer b/c of the lack of muscles I is a scary thought. I have always been use to being able-bodied & active. I am very self-sufficient. Now days, not so much. Todd has to help me out of the shower. He helped me dress myself b/c I was exhausted. He put deoderant on for me. Basically, without him by my side, I could not make it through a 10 minute shower. It makes me sad.

How am I going to do this after the babies are born? How am I going to manage healing from the c-section, going to physical therapy, visiting the NICU, & managing to just take care of the basics in between all that? I shudder at the thought of how miserable I am going to be physically after all this is said & done. Being in bed is the easy part, most days, but then to have to deal w/ 3!

I have talked to a couple of triplet mommies here in the area & they said it took about a year to really get back to their normal states. A whole year to regain the muscle strength & stamina. A WHOLE YEAR! Yeah, I'm freaking out just a little but not so much that I am not up for the challenge. If I can make it through this...the bedrest...for 15 weeks which would put us at 34 weeks gestation, then that is the biggest hurdle of all. The rest will just be what it is. I'm just glad I realize the battle I have ahead of me. I know Todd will support me throughout all this. He is my rock.

Ok, I feel a little better now that I have written about it. I'll be A-OK! Please keep the prayers coming!


Brittanie said...

Honey, that must so hard for you! I can't imagine how hard it would be for me, and I'm not nearly as active as you were.

((HUGS)) You will get through this! You have family nearby and they'll be a lot of help!

As always, I'm keeping you and your babies in your prayers!

Amanda said...

Try not to worry too much about the 'after' part right now. Just focus on now. I was so worried, and honestly, I'm 100% back to normal now, and my babies are 4 months old only. I was amazed at how quickly my body bounced back, and I wasn't even in great shape to begin with. Our bodies are super resilient, so you might just surprise yourself. And as for worrying about being able to manage taking care of yourself and making time for NICU, you'll just find a way. It works itself out and YOU WILL BE FINE! :)

Mom of 3 Cute Babies said...

I know its pretty scary to think about what your body is going to be like after the babies arrive, but really you wont be thinking much about that, as you wont have time!! LOL You will be so busy so busy going to the NICU and once the babies come home, taking care of them, that you wont really be noticing it much. After my C-section I had so much swelling in my hands and feet that that was worse than the weakness. I remember being winded going up stairs and had to walk alot slower than DH. I remember squatting down to pick up the babies off the floor and noticing how weak my legs were, but I could still do it. You will be fine, it just takes a bit of time. I had bedrest for 11 weeks and didnt need PT.

Jessica said...

wow that's alot to take in!!! You're gonna do GREAT though! You'll be surprised at how much motivation those 3 little angels are going to give you =)

If you can make it through 3 little lives growing inside of you, you can do ANYTHING!