Sunday, June 20, 2010

We LOVE our Daddy!

Todd is the most wonderful father known to man. Seeing him be silly w/ the kids & enjoying them is priceless. Today was all about him. It was fun signing the card & even better, bringing Daddy his presents. Everyone got a special breakfast by Mommy. Daddy even got to take TWO naps today!

The kids all ready to walk in to give Daddy his gifts.

Ianchito being a cheese ball.

The kids were so excited! It's like they really "got it" this time. They knew the presents weren't for them & were so cute giving them to Daddy!

Gabi was totally excited!

Reading his "Daddy Certificate".

One of several attempts at getting a decent pic of Daddy w/ the kids. HA!

Watching Mommy cook breakfast while watching Handy Manny. They really dig that show!

Daddy eating breakfast w/ the kids. No, we don't have a table for the whole family to eat. Yes, we are working on it.

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Susan said...

That's so cute how they brought the presents to him! Looks like ya'll had a great day! Happy father's day Todd!