Thursday, June 17, 2010

Oma :)

My mom's mom...Oma, is 85 years young. She is battling Alzheimer's & most days, she struggles to remember the kids' names. BUT, when she is here, she has so much fun w/ them. They love to sit in her lap. LOVE it.

Honestly, I think she loves it just as much, if not more. Something about the elderly & the babies, right? They have a connection. Instant. When Oma & the kids are together, it is magic. I'm so very glad that the kids can play & know their great grandmother b/c that isn't the norm. Not this far in life.

What precious moments!

Sofi & Oma sitting together, happy as can be!

All the LOVED hanging out in the chair w/ Oma.

But I think Oma & Gabi had a special conversation going.

And isn't this the cutest picture of Gabi...EVER?

What a blessing to have Oma w/ us still!

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Susan said...

Love the pic of all 3 in the chair with Oma. And yes, very cute pic of Gabi. Can't wait to see ya'll Monday!