Thursday, June 10, 2010

Potty Training

I'm scared. It isn't going to be easy. I don't want to spend all my time in the bathroom. The small 1/2 bath downstairs. No thank you. It gets too crowded. You'll see what I mean when you get to the pics.

See, this is how it works. One wants to go on the potty. It takes about 15 minutes of sitting there for NOTHING to come out only for them to promptly poo in the diaper a few minutes later. Yes, I've tried keeping them on the pot longer. No, it hasn't worked, obviously.

Back to the point. Ones asks & well, you know what happens. Monkey see, monkey do. The other 2 have to be on the pot. It's hectic. Really hectic & well, there isn't much room. But I already mentioned that.

Not sure how we are going to proceed w/ the potty training. We got a book that claims to potty train in a day. I'm not sure how that will work but I'm willing to give it a try. At the very least.

If that doesn't work. God help us. I'm willing to hear any advice you may have to offer, especially if you have multiples. And for the record, we have not officially started. The time we spend on the pot is really more to get to know it.

Gabi wanted to read during her special time on the potty. Yes, it is a People.

The girls together & of course, Ian wanted in on the action.

So his pants & diaper came off. And he got on his own potty.

I know they'll kill me one day for posting these pics, hehe.


xosparklesxo said...

Good luck! I bet that's a headache just thinking about it. I am trying to potty train Tiffy - who only wants to go in diaper ever since she moved while peeing and got pee on the floor one time. Now she is afraid to make a "mess" and won't even try, instead asking for her diaper when she has to go. Maybe someone will have some good tips for you!

Shosh said...

I just potty trained my daughter last week. In my experience, if you wait until they are REALLY ready (for my boys, they were both 3 years and 3 months, my daughter 33 months) it is MUCH easier.

I go the cold turkey route - just take off their diapers, let them run naked, and ask them if they have to pee every 5 minutes. It takes a few puddles of pee on the floor, but in my experience, they catch on pretty quickly. The less you put them back into diapers/pull ups, the better. Which basically means you dont leave the house for a week, but its worth it in the end!

It's been 9 days since I started potty training my daughter and she hasn't had an accident in 4 days! She even tells me herself now that she has to go - I dont have to remind her.
Never had experience with multiples, but i think the idea is the same as potty training one, just three times as hard for you!!!! Good luck!

Susan said...

Check this out:

T Mc Q said...

I'm potty training my almost-2 year old right now. She's allergic to disposable diapers so that eliminated the pull ups vs. underwear decision for us. I put her in panties and pants OR let her go bottomless if she prefers. (I put the thicker cloth training pants on her if we go out somewhere where I don't want her making a puddle on the floor.) I keep a training seat on the toilet and leave the potty in the family room so she has easy access to either, as I'm nursing my 4 month old constantly these days. I keep her on the hard floors so cleaning up accidents are no big deal. I also give her a mini-marshmallow when she was a success on the potty, which is a really big deal because she rarely has any sweets besides the occasional homemade cookie. I also bring a potty in the van when we go out, because inevitably I'll just have everyone buckled into carseats and she decides she has to pee.

It's been just over a week and she's doing great, we haven't had any accidents for a few days and she will now go sit on the potty herself when she has to go.
Our daycare provider (where she is 2 days a week) has 4 little ones the same age and once one of them gets on the potty, they all do. She says in some ways it's better that way, because someone ALWAYS has to go and then the other 3 are game to try, too.

I think once you decide to go for it, put the diapers away and don't look back! Good luck!

Jennifer said...

I haven't got any advice, but do have this to say:

Shouldn't your title have an ominous "dun dun DUNNNN!!" in it?

2SetsOfTwins4Me said...

When i potty trained my older twins, i just placed both potty chairs in the living room so that way it was right there. I didn't train mine till they were 3 and when i did, i just put training pants on them (not the diapers, just the thicker underwear) and let them run around like that. They caught on really fast and were both potty trained within 5 days.

Anonymous said...

Maybe have the pottys in a different room so that when they all want to sit on them, they aren't all squeezed into the bathroom? Then once they start getting the hang of it you could put the pottys back where they belong. Just an idea.

Norina said...

I have a post almost identical to this with the same statement about Zech killing me one day for the pics! It's still in my draft cuz I haven't finished it but looks like we're around the same stage. Zech is having fun just getting to know the potty, hasn't really mastered what you're suppose to do in it yet!

Gotham said...

i salute your courage and stamina that you are raising 3 kids at once,my sister had 2 kids, twins and she would go mad running after them, you are greally doing a great job raising 3 kids at once!!

Gotham said...

i salute your courage and stamina that you are raising 3 kids at once,my sister had 2 kids, twins and she would go mad running after them, you are greally doing a great job raising 3 kids at once!!

Seanaci said...

I just started training my 2.5 year old yesterday. Day one went really, day two, not so much. I'm thinking I may have to go the way of letting him run naked. Because while he does freak out when he pees in his training pants, I don't think it's helping him learn the signs that he's got to go pee.

All I can say is to keep the potty chairs in the same room as the kids that way you don't have to spend the day in that tiny bathroom.

Good luck when you do start trying! And heres hoping for some easy potty trainers!!