Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ian's new "braces"...SMO's.

I'm not sure that I will call them braces b/c the truth is they look like ankle supports. They are cute. I like them much better than the old clunkers. Happy we had the clunkers but much happier that we don't have them anymore. No more bruises for all of us. Him, me, Sofi, Gabi, Daddy, & anyone else that plays w/ him.

Look at the difference...the 1st pair are AFO's & bulky. I think I mentioned the bulky part, right? Oh & the bruises caused by these things, horrible. Oh, I mentioned that too.

The new SMO's, AKA Sure Steps.

From the front, you can't even see them.

From the back & side, you can barely see them AND, he can wear regular socks!

We left the AFO's at the orthotics office w/ Jason. He collects them & goes to Guatemala once a year, where the kids that need them can use them. The USA won't allow the braces to be refurbished & given to another child. Sad. At least we can help another child.

I can't wait to see my little man on the move!


Miranda said...

Hooray! They look wonderful. Hope Ian takes odd in them :)

Miranda said...

Takes off even... not takes odd!

Family of 5 said...

oh yay! so happy for you all! ;)

todd said...

Duh, the old one's left bruises because they were not regular braces, they were super hero robotic exoskeletons.

2SetsOfTwins4Me said...

I know all about the bulkiness of the AFO's as my older twins wear them. What i don't like is the fact that it took forever to find shoes that fit those things in.
We ended up going with airwalks because they are wider and we had to get them 2 sizes bigger than their regular shoe size.
I can't wait till mine are out of them, they haven't helped much at all with their tippy toe walking because as soon as they take them off, they are back on their toes again.
And they used to get bruises on the back of their legs but once i bought them socks that went further up past the top of the brace, we never had anymore bruising.

Hope the new braces are better for him.

Susan said...

That's awesome! I'll bet Ian is pretty happy too!

2blessed2stress said...

Hiyas, I know I don't know you, but i was searching for pictures of the sure steps and came to your blog~ Thanks so much for showing pics with the shoes/socks, etc. We are in the process of ordering them for my 18 month old, and I was really worried they would look "out of place" for her! They are very cute!!! Thanks for showing all the pics!


jaykaboo said...

How did you get superman print?They didn't have any cool option like when we got fitted today