Tuesday, February 2, 2010

We miss our grandmothers!

Mamama is back in Argentina, Grandma Donna has been sick & well, we just plain miss all our grandmas! Ok, let's clarify. That is TWO grandmas & TWO GREAT GRANDMAS! Oma lives with my mom so when we see Meme, many times we get to see Oma. It's just not always enough, especially in the case of Oma & Mamama. Thinking about it makes me tear up.

We tried really hard to get a decent picture but if you know anything about 22 month olds, you know that getting them to cooperate is virtually impossible, especially at the end of the night when they are ready for bed. I did my best.

Here is Oma (86) & Mamama (91) holding Ian.

Attempt #1 at the grandma shot. HA!

Attempt # 20 gazillion. HA!

Family is so important. We love ALL our grandmas!


Tonya said...

Great pics!

glitzen said...

Cute! Grandmas are so special. Lost my first Grandma in 2003 to cancer. My other Grandma died on almost the same day, in 2005. I miss them SOOOOOO much! :)