Thursday, February 11, 2010

Did someone say a QUARTER OF A MILLION HITS?!?!

Yeah baby! That would be me! Or rather, us. HAHA! Surviving Triplets has OVER a quarter of a million hits. That's 250,000+ for those of you that like numbers. I'd say...WOW. Really? My life? That interesting? I appreciate it. Not sure what it is you like but keep coming back b/c if I can help just one other person, family, child...then it is all worth it.

We are NOT snoozing on the job, I swear. The kids have just really started enjoying "relaxing" & watching a bit of the boob-tube. Cute, even if I do say so myself.

To all of our followers, thank you. To all that browse the blog from time to time, thank you. To all those that have helped us along the way, thank you. Never be afraid of the unexpected b/c it will end up bringing you the most joy.

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ZanyMominTX said...

That's AWESOME, congratulations and keep up the hard work.