Sunday, February 21, 2010


Hilarious. That's all there is to it. Sofi has a sock fetish. She does. I can't hide it any longer. Ok, maybe it is a foot fetish. She loves anything to do w/ her feet. Shoes. Socks. Toes. Yeah, my daughter.

On Abu & Meme's most recent visit, Sofi thought it would be cute to take her socks off & trade w/ Abu. Gross, maybe. Cute, ABSOLUTELY!

Then, it was time to trade again. Off went Sofi's socks that were on Abu & on to her feet.

It was fun, loads. Can't you tell? It entertained Sofi for at least 20 minutes which was absolutely necessary when I had been putting up w/ some major meltdown temper tantrums for 3 days. That is another story, when I feel up to typing it out. IF I ever feel up to typing it out. It was a breath of fresh air...socks. HA! Is that an oxymoron or what? A total contradiction. A breath of fresh air. I'm crackin' myself up!

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