Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Colds, colds, & more colds

I thought we were in the clear when nothing came of Ian's fever 3 weeks ago. Nothing happened after that 1 fever. 1 dose of Tylenol took care of it. Except for the runny nose. The damn runny nose. We chalked it up to teething b/c he is cutting 2 yr molars. The gunk is clear, has been for the whole time. Then came the really runny nose. I totally believe the 1st round was teething. This 2nd round is a cold. A nasty winter cold. Accompanied by a cough. Thankfully, not a big cough, not a bad cough. Just a bit of a cough.

2 days of just Ian. Then Sofi. She is our powerhouse. She just doesn't really get sick. If she does, it isn't too bad. She is following the trend. She is plowing right through it. The only problem, she doesn't like to sleep. I'd like to thank Heather for sending Mr. Nonaps to visit. We have THOROUGHLY enjoyed him. NOT.

And finally we have Gabi. My sweet Gabi. My big baby Gabi. She is a miserable sick child. Of the 3, she has had the worst runny nose & God forbid I try to clean it. She just ain't like the other 2. It's ok. Loads of cuddles for her.

Runny noses & little coughs haven't stopped us from taking advantage of the weather. We have been going out daily, for about an hour & a half at a time. They love it. The chalk is the best part. My artsy-fartsy picture taking. I'm going to print them & put them in a frame.

Discovering garden tools!

Playing in Daddy's work shoes.

Looking up in awe!

Taking a break from playing w/ the chalk.

Discovering the peel of an orange.

Life's little pleasures. Ah!

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Andrea said...

Great pictures Astrid! I especially love the chalky butt pic. LOL!

Kim-Gage's mommy said...

So jealous that you guys get to be outside without being completly bundled up. Love the pics--they are so adorable!