Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Leslie came to visit!

And we can't forget her precious son, Ryan. Les & I have been best friends since, well...I can't or maybe I don't want to remember b/c that tells me how old we are getting, haha. About 6 yrs ago, she moved to New Jersey. We miss her terribly & only get to see her about once or twice a year. Last time she came, Ryan was sick & we didn't see her at all.

This time around we made up for it. She came to be w/ me the day my mom had surgery & I gotta tell you that it was nice to have her shoulder to cry on, like good ol' times. The kids got along fabulously & Ryan honestly seemed right at home. He didn't even have problems taking his naps the 2 days they were here. Luckily, they came back for more visiting the next day.

Our measly attempt at getting a picture of the 6 of us. 4 kids under 2 & 2 adults. Not so much.

The girls had to give Les the reading test. You see, when ever anyone comes over, they bring a book & depending on how well the person reads the book is about how long they will stay in your lap. Gabi stayed put most of the afternoon but that doesn't surprise me, after is Aunt Leslie!

I really wish she were here. I miss her company. I miss her presence in my life. Awe, I love you Les!

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Asher & Noah's Mommy said...

Astrid! I swear we must be kindred spirits <3

My BFF's name is Leslie too, LOL!!!

So glad you had a nice visit!!!