Friday, February 26, 2010

Pinafores for my girls!

I finally had a chance to get to my latest project. Pinafores. I'm part of a wonderful sewing coop & our monthly project were these really cute reversible tops for girls. Considering I have 2, this was perfect! To add to the February theme of Valentine's, I happened upon 2 different fabrics w/ hearts on them. Since they are reversible, I decided to get matching prints but in different colors, for the back.

The first one is always the tester. I had some minor issues but it turned out pretty well. Gabi really took to it. Of course, she is always the one in brown so maybe that is why. She even cried when I took it off!

The heart print fabric side.

The solid pink w/ hearts reversible side.

I decided to go for a fancy top stitch, not too shabby!

And, as always, the 2nd one turned out way better. It lays better & is more my taste. Lucky Sofi! I can't wait to put it on her tomorrow. She is going to be so excited!

Here is her heart print side. Totally funky & retro fun!

And the same print as Gabi's but in blue.

I had to do the same top stitch. PRECIOUS!


Angela said...

Adorable! I was just thinking today I need something for my girls to wear over their clothes for part of the day just to keep them clean! Great idea! But those are WAY too cute! Great job!

Susan said...

Too cute!! I might need some for my girls!

Sheila said...

You are awesome!

Anonymous said...

They are really brilliant!! Would you make them for selling? Or could you tell me where you got the fabric? I would love to have the second one for my girlies...
Anna from Switzerland

Surviving Triplets said...

Anna ~ Unfortunately, I got that fabric on super sale so I took what was left. I'm not sure if I could get any more BUT I would be willing to search for something similar & make them for you.

Anonymous said...

Astrid, that would be brilliant!! My email adresse is: Would make it easier, I think. Looking forward to hear from you!