Monday, March 17, 2008

WOOT!!!! We made it to 32 weeks!

Yes sir! We have hit the 32 week mark. This is the goal I set at the very beginning of our journey. I can't believe that I have already reached it! Now, we are counting down the last 13 days until our trio's b-day.

I wanted to share a little about how I am doing physically. I know most people are thinking that I am really huge & uncomfortable but the truth of the matter is that I am not all that big nor am I at all uncomfortable. I read so many other triplet mommies' blogs about their experiences in the last weeks of pregnancy & "hitting the wall" where all they wanted was the babies out of them. I thought for sure when I was around 28 weeks that I would also experience this b/c I started getting tired & found that I could not eat as much but that passed. Then I got sick w/ that stomach virus & I thought for sure that the misery would soon set in. Well, here I am...32 weeks along...and I am not at all miserable. On the contrary, I am pretty happy w/ how I am feeling.

I know, what about being in bed all the time? I totally think it is the frame of mind you are in & whether you have other children to take care of. Since the strict bedrest began at 18 1/2 weeks, I have not let my attitude be anything but positive about the situation. I have taken up digital scrapbooking & making siggies for my friends. I have a wonderful online community at Just Mommies & Triplet Connection that also keep me busy. The computer has become my closest friend & alli during these past 13 1/2 weeks.

Do I get crampy or sore? The first week, yes I did. After I got my Snoogle body pillow, I was able to find a way to stay comfy on my left side which is the only side I lay on during the day. I know that it is the best side to be on for circulation so it what I do day in & day out. I also do no recline what so ever. From my neck down, my body is flat on the bed. This is the best way to keep pressure off of my cervix. I even eat this way. My back doesn't hurt at all. I've only had a day or 2 that it has hurt but went away quickly.

Am I swollen?! My rings still fit if you can believe that. My friend came over the other day & was shocked that I was still wearing my wedding & engagement ring. My ankles still look normal as do my toes. I do swell at night while sleeping but that goes away in the morning once I wake up. I don't know why it happens at night, I am laying flat all day long!

Can I still eat? Not much now days so when I do eat, I try to eat something that is high in calories & fat. I don't eat much at all. A day's worth of food is the following...

*Breakfast ~ 9-10am ~ 1/2 a bowl of frosted mini wheats (very high in iron)
*Snacks ~ 8am, 4pm ~ 2 protein shakes, piece of candy here & there
*Lunch ~ 2pm ~ Grab bag size of doritos or a piece of bread w/ cheese or ramen noodle soup
*Dinner ~ What ever I am craving such as chicken strips, 1 piece of pizza, or french fries...not all of them together, only 1 of them.

I am still drinking about a gallon & 1/2 per day of water. I also drink the protein shakes which is made w/ a protein powder & milk. Every once in a while I will drink Sprite or a rootbeer.

I do however have other normal pregnancy woes such as the wonderful hemriods & the emotional moments. I still have food cravings & aversions. I have gotten the nesting bug but can't do much about it although I was able to help sort through baby clothes & put them in bins yesterday. I do have acid reflux which requires a prescription of Pepcid.

Other than that, I keep counting my lucky stars b/c this ride could have been much bumpier. I am blessed to have the smooth ride that I am having. I think I freaked out about the hospital experience & realized just how well I am doing at home. I don't even mind the terbutaline pump. At first it was a nuisance but I have gotten use to the booger. If this is what keeps me at home in my own bed, then so be it.

Is there anything I miss about a "regular" pregnancy? Yes...I miss the interaction w/ strangers at the store. I miss getting up & dressing in cute maternity clothes. I miss shopping for baby items or just roaming Target for hours on end. I miss driving and going for a walk around the neighborhood. Most of all, I missed out on being able to help w/ the nursery which if you know me, you know it kills me that I couldn't be up there painting, etc. It's ok...I don't have much longer & then I will be able to enjoy the little things in life again.

Until our time is up, I will continue to be positive & strong. I look forward to every morning I wake up & know that we are 1 day closer to meeting our trio.

Again, thank you all for your support! It means the world to Todd & I that we have such wonderful family & friends praying for us & coming over to help out. We love you all!


Brittanie said...

I can't believe I missed your birthday! I told myself to remember it, and the 15th came and went and I forgot to wish you happy birthday! >_<

I think your attitude is so amazing. I don't know if I could keep my chin up with being in bed for so long. I am amazed.

Oh, and I also went ahead and applied to cohost. >_< I'm so intimidated at the idea of taking over after you, because you've meant so much to me in my journey since Cora.

Thank you for being who you are. You deserve these babies so much, and I'm SO excited for you!!

Anonymous said...

I have always loved your attitude - it reminds me so much of my daughter's. I am so excited that you made it so far! I am counting down the last few days with you!
- Becky (Anxiousabuela on TC)

Meluch+3 said...

Know that you are an inspiration to many expectant trip moms on TC. I've been rooting for you from the start and I'm so happy you've made it to 32. My peri says: 28 weeks = bronze star, 32 weeks = silver star, any thing more = gold star. So, in my book, you get a gold star :)


becky_handsfull said...


txsjewels said...

i am so incredibly proud of you. i tell EVERYONE who asks about you what a great attitude you have and how much i admire your stamina in all of this. you are such an inspiration!! you know i am the word chick, but even i can't put into words the overwhelming respect i have for you.
32 weeks and counting!!! can't wait to see those babies!