Saturday, March 29, 2008

Our last weekend as a couple w/o kids!

I don't know that it has really set in but this is our last weekend as husband & wife. Next weekend, we will be husband & wife w/ THREE babies! It is amazing that 34 weeks has gone by. I remember having to go on bedrest in December & thinking that the day would never come when we would meet our trio & now, in about 48 hours, we will be seeing our 2 daughters & our son.

Since this is our last weekend, we are trying to get a few things taken care of & have also taken some fun pictures of me. On Monday, my dad told me that I was exactly like my mother was when she was pregnant. He said, from the back, you could not tell but then she would turn around & BAM! There was this belly sticking out & everyone was shocked. So, if you can believe this, I don't look pregnant from the back. Yes, you read right...and to prove it, I had my mom take a picture b/c like you, I did not believe it.

Also, when they were doing the NST's & I had to lay on my back, it was amazing to see just how much my belly was leaning towards the left which is where our big baby is. I had my mom take a picture of me last night from my feet and I was AMAZED at just how much my belly leaned towards the left. HOLY SHMOLY!

Besides getting some last minute photos, we are working on getting our bedroom back to normal. What is normal? Normal is not in bedrest mode w/ the mini frig & microwave in here. Unfortunately, our bedroom isn't going back to normal, normal. We have a crib, & a changing station cart in here so it will be a while before we have a normal bedroom again. It is ok though. We are looking forward to this part.

No more NST's, no more laying in bed, no more having people do things for me because I can't walk around, no more, no more, no more! It has been quite the adventure these last 34 weeks. I can't believe that it is almost over. On Monday evening I am going to meet for the 1st time, my 3 children. 3 one time. I am going to see what has been growing inside me for the past 34 weeks & who they look like. Then, I am going to be responsible for these little ones for the rest of my life. Ahhhh...motherhood is going to be another exciting adventure!


Brittanie said...

It's a very surreal experience to meet your baby (in your case, babies) for the first time. You KNOW that they're there when you're pregnant, but then, when they give you that baby, you think "wait a second, this little person was just INSIDE me?? I MADE this?"

Having a baby really gave me a greater respect for the miracle that my body is, and the miracle that life is.

And it IS exciting, and mind-numbingly exhausting. But it is the most rewarding experience you can ever have.


Courtney said...


I'm so proud of you-- how exciting that you'll meet your little ones before you know it!

I've been following your blog from the start and you're such an inspirtaion. You keep us other bed rest mommies going strong!

I'll be praying for you Monday!


Anonymous said...

Astrid, I am so inspired by your strength, patience, and enthusiasm throughout this ENTIRE process. I remember when I first joined TTCMA you were so supportive and encouraging. You are an INSPIRATION to so many! Gabi, Sofi, and Ian are 3 of the luckiest kiddos in the world! You have proven that you ARE and will FOREVER be a WONDERFUL mother!! YOU GO GIRL!!! You will be in my thoughts on Monday <3

Brandi (Mommy2Asher_n_Noah)

Anonymous said...

Astrid, I am so excited for you to actually be so close to meeting your babies. Giving birth is an experience like none other and meeting your baby (in your case babies!) for the first time is incredible beyond words.

My thoughts will be with you on Monday. Enjoy every second of the experience and then settle in for the best ride of your life!

Gillian (GP70)

HarpersGirl (Donna) said...

God LOVE you Astrid and Todd and those precious babies. Im actually sitting here crying, reading your blog! It kinda sounds like the ending to this long journey I have watched you go threw for the last 7 months, but I have to stay happy and smile because this is the beggining of 3 very beautiful lives!! You are going to be the best parents ever. I hope someday that I find the strength to be half the dedicated mother you have been Astrid. YOU ARE MY HERO!!

Norina said...

I am so happy for you Astrid. I can imagine all the emotions that must be running through you right now, as I have a few myself but to actually know the exact date you get to meet your babes is just phenomenal! You have handeled these last 34 weeks with so much grace. I am proud to call you friend. I can not wait to see you with your babies! God bless. I will be praying for you all day on Monday.
Love, N~

Anonymous said...

Lurker here...just wanted to say your dad was right you donm't look pregnant from the back!!! Good luck monday!!

Meluch+3 said...


You put into words what I think every first time mommy on the verge of delivering triplets feels like. You have been such a trooper and done such a wonderful job staying positive. We'll be thinking of you on Monday.


Katy said...

I've been following your story from when you started your blog and can't believe that you'll be having your 3 darling babies tomorrow. Good luck and I bet you can't wait.

Katy. xx

Marla said...

Wow!!! The big day is almost here!! Good luck tomorrow, you will be in my prayers!

Anonymous said...

I am so so happy for you to have made it this far. YOU ARE AMAZING! Going from being just a wife to being a wife AND mom is a surreal experience... I cant imagine if I had my 3 all at once! I'm so excited for you, and cant wait to see their pics and continue to read your blog as you will be a MOM of triplets! <3 Shana aka Little Mrs Sunshine from the June 2008 DDC on JM

jhp1421 said...

Astrid, WOW, the time has finally come, you must be so excited! Is Todd doing an e-mail to people tomorrow when the babies are born because I don't think I can wait for him to post here or on TC to find out how everything went. If he does and he doesn't mind including me, my address is at teh bottom. I know I've never met you but you just seem like someone I would really get along with. You have done a tremendous job (Todd too) and it will all be worth it tomorrow when those babies are born healthy and happy. Early congratulations to you both!

Jennifer from TC

Anonymous said...

I am beyond excited for you and Todd, Astrid. I cannot believe that these babies are going to be here in seriously, less than 24 hours. TALK ABOUT SURREAL!

You will finally have the babies that you have longed for, for so long, TOMORROW. Geez, I don't even think I will get much sleep tonight...knowing that you will be having those babies tomorrow.

You guys are going to be WONDERFUL parents. Never doubt that. It probably will be hectic, but hopefully there are tons of people out there to help you and Todd out, especially in the beginning. The day has finally arrived!

God bless you all.

Love always,

Lisa said...

Oh Astrid Im so excited for you and Todd! I can not wait to here the news, grr Im moving in the afternoon and will not have any internet so Im going to be making a run tuesday morning to check JM out and see if there is an update ! I want to send you all the prayers and thoughts your way I will be busy tomorrow but you will be in my thoughts , I will say a pray at 6 your time when you go into OR . Congrats again !

And enjoy your babies, you think the last 34 weeks went fast , if even goes faster now !

Again good luck !
Olathe JM

Jinx said...

best of luck on a wonderful birthday for your triplets.

Anonymous said...

wow! did you not get any stretch marks!? congrats on you triplets. fellow mommy-tam