Friday, March 7, 2008

Our trip to L&D...babies are still in utero...

Well, let me just say how tough the past 3 days have been. It all started on Wednesday morning w/ uncontrolled vomiting. Dr. Adam wanted us to go to L&D immediately. I noticed I was having quite a few contractions on the way. It was amazing how fast they got us in a room. Good thing there is something called preregistering & having a dr that is on top of things.

I was vomitting non stop for a few hrs. I can't say how long b/c I honestly don't remember. The days are running together. I was also contracting every 2-5 minutes so they gave me 3 shots of brethine (turbutaline). That DID NOT help the puking at all! Apparently an elevated heart rate can compound the nausea. They gave me zofran via IV but that didn't help so they moved on up to phenergan. That seemed to nip the problem in the butt. They also went ahead & gave the me steriod injections for the babies' lungs. I got one at 11:30am & 11:30pm. Everything settled down & I decided it was nap time. This was well in to the afternoon hrs. I did eat a salad for dinner. That wasn't my 1st choice but it was better than nothing since I hadn't eaten since the previous day. Finally, they gave me some sleepy stuff, ambien, I think. I was out.

Well, just when I thought things were better, the next morning about 5:30am, the nausea/vomiting came back to haunt me. This time they skipped the zofran immediately & stearted w/ phenergan. This time it didn't work so they pulled out the reglan via IV. Almost immediatetly I felt better. I thought I was good to go home that evening but then Dr. Adam gave me an internal exam...I am 100% effaced meaning that I don't have any cervix left. I am also a fingertip dialated. BLAH! So I got to stay another night & a goood thing I did. I did get to eat twice though. The food here isn't bad at all & it is room service style so they don't just bring it to me, I can order what ever I want off of the menu.

So today has by far been the worst of the 3. Oh, BTW, they haven't been able to figure out why I am puking. I think it is a virus. I've been running a low grade fever since Wednesday that has come & gone but always seems to be around when I am puking my guts out. Back to today being the worst God! I had no idea it could get that bad! This time, nothing they used before was working so they pulled out eh really big guns, decadron (a mild steriod). It took a good hour but it finally kicked in. By this point, I was drifting in & out of consciousness. My dad had come at about 8am b/c I callled him crying. Todd was stuck at work putting out fires. His parents showed up 1/2 way through the worst of the episode. I felt so bad that they were all there, helpless b/c they couldn't do anything to relief my angst. My MIL was so sweet & brought me a guardian angel figurine that is now in my room on a shelf. I have yet to eat today. I'm on a cleer liquid diet which is FINE BY ME b/c the thought of another round of nausea is too much to even phathom at this point.

The head of the neonatal dept came down to see me today & discussed all the complications that we can run in to w/ preemies. Of course, having had all this time to read up, I was able to identify w/ much of what she was telling me. I think she may have been a little impressed & asked if this was my 1st rodeo. I told her it was but that 12 weeks of bed rest gives you plenty of time to read. Basically, it comes down to this...we need to get to 31 weeks. Of course, the longer the better but apparently starting somewhere in the 31st week, the placenta starts allowing antibodies to pass to the babies to help fight infection. This is, of course, the ideal situation. They need to get these infection fighting elements in order to be better prepared to meet the outside world. So, the count is on...officially on TUESDAY, no longer Monday, I will be 31 weeks.

Dr. Adam will be popping in this evening & so long as I don't have another puke session or another wonderful surprise pop up, I should be going home on the turb pump tomorrow. WOOT! I don't think I could be any happier that getting to go home! I miss my hubby, my bed, & my kitties. Thank you al for your thoughts & prayers. PLEASE keep them coming! We need to make it another few days at the very least!


Meluch+3 said...

I'm so sorry you had a trip like this to the hospital. I hope that you can go home tomorrow and get back to your comfy bed and kitties. Even if you don't, think of the bright are still bakin'.

(btw- I just got home from my 1st hospital stayover and also got the steroid shots! my adventures are on

You will be in my thoughts and I'll be rooting for you to get to 31!


Anonymous said...

Astrid , this is Olathe from JM,. Please know that you and your babies are in my thoughts and prayers ! Hang in there girl you can do it , your a strong woman!

Mom of 3 Cute Babies said...

Oh Astrid, I am so sorry your having such a hard time with the throwing up. I hope you are doing better now. I pray you make it to 31+ weeks. I had my trio at 30 weeks, so I know all the problems that can go on having them so early. Fortuntely mine did good in the NICU, mostly feeders and growers w/no infections. Hang in there and rest up!

David & BeLynda said...

I am a triplet Mom of 3.5 year olds. I just read your note via Space City Triplets. Hang in there! You are with the best doctor on the planet! She got me through cardiomyopathy post delivery ... she can get you past the finish line! You are in for the greatest adventure ever! You are in our prayers! Take care, BeLynda Mom to Zander, Kaden & Addison

If you get bored on bedrest our adventure is documented (though its a bit outdated) at

The Brown Bunch said...

CONGRATS on making this far. I am a triplet mom as well in the NW. You are a great job of cooking honey. Be glad that the bedrest is still at home. Give me a call sometime. I am a part oof SCT and NWMOM. I made it to 30 weeks and 2 days. The girls are doing great 13 months later and Dr. Adam is a great champion for you and the babies.

Love ya
Avery, Alyssa and Addison
check us out at

becky_handsfull said...

Hang in there ... here's hoping for 31 weeks! By the way, I added you to our "bump watch." Hope that's OK.

Anonymous said...

Brandy is visiting me and we were checking up on you. Hope you feel better for your sake and I hope things go well for the babies. Hang in there!
Melanie & Brandy

Emma said...

sounds like you've had a horrible past few days, I'm glad you're starting to feel better!!! Sending lots of *stay baking* vibes to those gorgeous babes of yours!! Bring on 31 weeks!!!!

Norina said...

Oh Astrid, honey!! I am so sorry you're having a difficult time right now. I honestly think uncontrolled vomitting is the worst thing in the world to have to experience. It's so exhausting and hard to get under control. I am praying for 31 weeks! You will make it. I just know it!