Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Response to comments :)

Kel ~ Thank you so much for your honest perspective of the c-section. You have given me a bit of peace about it. I feel a bit better now going in to the situation. You are right, I never thought about being so concentrated on the babies that I would not be focused on what they were doing to me. WHEW!

Clarissa ~ Yes, you may absolutely add my blog link!

Crystal ~ HOLY SHMOLY! I will definitely contact you through myspace to get your mother's number. That is amazing that she was able to help you deliver your 3 babies!

Jen ~ Yet another perspective that I had not thought of...the adrenaline rush! This is why I told Todd to go ahead & go to work on Monday for 1/2 a leave me to be anxious by myself, LMAO!

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