Monday, March 10, 2008

Back home & a birth date has been set :) feels so good to be back home! Somehow I lucked out & was able to come back on Saturday since I did not have a vomitting session that morning. Honestly, I truly believe that I got a virus either from the peri visit the previous Monday or from a visitor to the house. From now on, people are going to have to wash their hands like 3 times before they can come in my room, lol!

Today we are 31 weeks & went to the peri for a followup visit. My cervix lengthened back out a bit so I am no longer 100% effaced. WOOT, WOOT! She said the cervix was holding strong. The babies are doing well, having grown some since last Monday. Their stats are...

Sofi ~ 3lb 3oz, still our little one but holding down the fort.
Gabi ~ 3lb 5oz, our big one this time.
Ian ~ 3lb 4oz, he shared!

I wanted to jump up & down I was so excited! Before leaving today, I was terrified I would be going back to the hospital. The idea of being there for 3 weeks filled me w/ great anxiety! I just can't imagine but then, this last experience wasn't necessarily a pleasant one being as sick as I was. I just want to be able to stay in the comforts of my home & have my hubby sleep next to me every night. To know that I was coming back home today was music to my ears.

The details, my BP was 120/64, NO PROTEIN in my urine (change from the past 3 visits where there WAS protein present), & my weight went down 3lbs. Surprise, surprise! That is what happens when you vomit nonstop for 3 days! My attitude is 100% better than it was only a few short hours ago. I'm praising GOD as we speak for showing us once again He is by our side! AMEN!

Just as we were going to leave, I asked if we were scheduling the c-section the next visit & she said, "No, let's schedule it now." HUH?? WHAT?? NOW?? I asked her if there was any way possible we could have them on March 31st b/c 1) I didn't want to have triplets on April Fool's Day, and 2) it is my mom's b-day. Mine is the 15th, only 4 days away & I thought it would be really neat to give my mom something back. I am in shock that it is actually happening in 3 weeks!

Oh, this is very random but I have to say that my FIL, Bill, is coming over w/ his KILLER red sauce & meatballs. YUMMY!!! They think I am going to eat pasta w/ it but I have a feeling I'll be eating very little pasta & a whole lot of meatballs.

Well, I think I have covered everything for now. Thank you all for the prayers!


Deidre said...

Astrid, I am so excited you got to stay at home AND you got the birth date set! March babies are awesome! My birthday is the day before yours, so I guess I'm biased about it, though. LOL!

Amanda said...

That's so exciting! I've been following your story for a while now and I can't believe the end is in sight. :)

Lisa said...

Aww Im so happy you and the little ones are home! I know that the next 3 weeks will more then likely grawl along. But it is amazing how well you have done so far and I know that you can keep it going.
Im so looking forward to following your blog.
Do you know if you will be keeping up with it after the babies are born? As much as you can i guess`

becky_handsfull said...

Glad you're going home. Take care and stay "rested."

Anonymous said...

Astrid & Todd, We favor March babies as Kayla is one, today as a matter of fact. Kayla turned 11 today - 3.11.08 at 7:11pm. We love you all and are praying for you. John, Jenn & Kayla

Marla said...

That's great news, Astrid! Hope you get to stay home until d-day. Take good care!

Norina said...

Astrid!! You sound so much better! Even eating meatballs is a great improvement form the other day right! Praise God for your health and the babies! mMrch 31 is just around the corner. Aghhh! This is all so exciting!