Thursday, March 27, 2008

Our LAST perinatologist appt!

Ah, my last prenatal appoint was today & what a friggin' relief! No more anxiety about going to see my peri! The first thing she said to me was "I am beginning to wonder what is wrong w/ you." Of course I was thinking WHAT???? So I asked her why & she said it was b/c things are going so smoothly & I am still baking babies w/ no issues. Hehe...I LOVE PROVING PEOPLE WRONG! I told her at our 1st appt when I was exactly 14 weeks along that we would make it the 34 weeks AND we are!

So, on to the fun stuff...boy, was it ever hard for her to keep the babies separated. She said that they are all very smooshed in there. NO DUH! I'm not surprised one bit. The kids were measured & their weights are...

Sofi ~ 3lb 12oz, an EIGHT OUNCE GAIN from last week! Can I get an AMEN JESUS??!! The prayers worked!!!!!
Ian ~ 3lb 13oz, a 3 oz gain...not to bad.
Gabi ~ 4lb 10oz, our chunky monkey gained 6 oz.

Of course, the peri doesn't like that the other 2 are still below 4 lbs but hey...what else can they do? She asked me if I am eating b/c I didn't gain any weight & I told her the truth...not really. I'm lucky to get 1 full meal a day. I just don't have room. She seemed content w/ their growth & is hoping that they will gain a couple more ounces by Monday. I do have to go to my NST tomorrow evening but hey, whatever...I get to be at home until Monday! WOOT, WOOT!

So, the plan is to go in at about noon on Monday so they can put the IV in me to keep me hydrated since I will not be able to eat after 8am or drink after 10am. I will also get glucose to keep my sugars leveled. Then at about 6pm, we are off to the OR to have babies.

I can't believe the journey is almost over. I keep thinking these are the last days that I will be feeling my babies move inside me. On Monday I can no longer protect them from the world. WOW...I'm about to be a mommy!


justjaQnobox said...

oh my goodness, astrid, i'm so thrilled for you. i've been thinking of and praying for you and your babies all these months~ i think everyone is, you're rather "famous" on jm, you know. :D awesome that their weights are this high!
i can't tell you how happy i am for you, that you're making it to 34 weeks~ it's wonderful and you're so blessed!
enjoy falling in love with these three little miracles. motherhood is an amazing, precious experience, and you so deserve it. :)
take care, and best of luck!


Amanda said...

I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to see pictures.

Jennifer said...

Sooo excited for you. You have beaten all the odds and proved the doctors right. Time and again those babies listen to their mama and keep growing strong inside you. Best wishes for your c-section, and congrats again!

Marla said...

Good luck Astrid and congrats on getting this far. You're going to be an amazing momma!! :) Can't wait to see your cuties!

Christa said...

WooHOO!!! Can't wait to hear of the babies safe arrival! Just a side triplets were born 1/23, and I have to say that the recovery from my c-section was a breeze. I felt really good. (of course it could be that I was so miserable from the pre-eclamsia that I did not notice the c-section pain!) Try not to worry.

Christa from TC

BethE said...

I am SO excited for you! 34 weeks is just absolutely amazing! Congratulations. You are already such a great mommy these three angels will be just as well taken care of outside as you have taken care of them inside you. Can't wait to see pictures of them all in your arms!
~Beth AKA SarahBethsMommy

Anonymous said...

Astrid, congrats on the pending arrival of the trips! I am so excited for you and your DH.

Liz (OHChick) from JM

Brittanie said...

I can't believe it's almost time already! It seems like the last several months have just flown by (I'm not sure if it's felt that way for you since you've been on bedrest!)

I'm SO GLAD Sofi bounced back!

I can't wait to hear the update that they're here!

Kerrie (Kat) Tankersley said...

I hope to see beautiful baby pictures of three special babies when I check in on you next week. I also want to read a birth story that goes as smoothly as it can for anyone.

Good luck Astrid and congratulations.