Tuesday, March 25, 2008

2 NSTs down, 2 to go!

We are officially in our 33rd week of pregnancy! I'm actually going to make it to 34 weeks before this trio is born which is better than the average 32/33 weeks! I think I have been in a bit of shock these past few days about it all. The closer we get to the big day, the more surreal it becomes.

Let's talk medical first...we went for an NST (non-stress test) on Saturday morning. Unfortunately, it was at L&D which of course raised my anxiety level b/c the last time I was in one of their rooms, I was throwing up. There are so many fetal heart monitors & then the TOCO which measures contractions. Wires were everywhere as you can see below.

No, it is not comfortable at all. I actually HATE having NSTs done. When I was in the hospital for the illness, they did an NST every 8 hours. Yes, this meant waking me up in the middle of the night. Thankfully, the NST went well. The babies showed the nurse exactly what she needed to see which is their baseline heart rate & also some accelerations. What they are looking for are decelerations especially if it becomes a pattern or if the heart rate drops very low. Thankfully we had none. Once again, we are proving Dr. Adam wrong!

We also went yesterday for another NST but this time it was at the testing center which is much better in my opinion than having to go to L&D. The kids behaved themselves this time b/c I was monitored on my back rather than on my side. I asked if the contraction monitoring could be done after as I tend to have more contractions on my back than on my side. I don't think it is accurate when they monitor while I'm on my back. Thankfully the nurse agreed & allowed the children to be monitored 1st then the contractions. She said our babies looked "beautiful, absolutely beautiful". Needless to say, I was very happy to hear that. Then while looking for contractions, I only had 1 so I was allowed to go home. Thank God!

Now, getting back to the final countdown...we are less than a week away. I'm not sure how I feel...I know I am excited, anxious, scared, nervous, scared...did I mention scared? I think all new moms to be can vouch for that emotion...scared. What the hell am I going to do w/ 3 kids????? I mean, seriously, I'm freaking out! Don't get me wrong, I do want them & I'm dying to meet them it is just, well...scary. I'm going to be responsible for 3 precious babies sent to me by God. I have to make sure I teach them the difference between right & wrong, give them good character, dress & feed them, provide a good education, etc. Yeah...that's me...a triplet mom to be!

Then there is the whole c-section situation. I'm not terrified about it but I am concerned about healing, walking & being able to care for 3 babies after I get home. I've had some surgery done before but none quite this invasive. I am freaking about a bit about being alert as they cut in to me. I don't know how to explain it. I'm not having anxiety about the whole thing or maybe I am. Either way, I just want to get it done! I want it to be over & I want to meet our trio.

So, other than normal mommy fears, I think we are as prepared as we can be for now. HA! If anyone has any suggestions, PLEASE leave a comment for me. We appreciate all the love & support we have been receiving. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Kel said...

I don't have a whole lot of suggestions, but I can absolutely relate to the concern about being awake as they cut into you. This was the thing that sent me into an absolute panic attack when I learned I was going to have a c-section; being awake is best for the babies, but I begged and pleaded them to tell me otherwise, to just let me sleep! But then I got in there and ... it wasn't that bad. I felt they like were pressing on my belly button a little and wiggling it around, and I figured they were getting ready. Then, all of a sudden, they told me they could see my son's feet, his butt (yes, they seriously announced finding his butt!), and then he was crying.

It's a little strange as a concept, but it isn't nearly as crazy as I expected it to be. The worst, for me, was the shakes that the epidural gave me - but that was more an annoyance than anything. You'll do great! And once the first of your three is out, you will be so focused on getting a glimpse of them, listening to them, they you will almost completely forget what you are doing.

Clarissa said...

Hi...I found your blog through Triplet Connection and as I read this post I remembered all those same feelings and concerns. Wondering - what are we REALLY in for? I even remembered loving proving all the docs wrong. And hating all the belly monitors (I know they made me contract more).

We made it to 35 weeks and I felt nothing but relief during the c-section. I didn't realize just how miserable and huge I was until the babies were out. Hearing their cries is also a huge relief and completely awesome. We brought all are babies home with us when I was ready to come home and that's what was the scariest for me. Didn't they know I had no idea what I was doing?

My advice would be to let people help. Live in the moment (even if it's frustrating and hard), don't wish it away. Work out a schedule ASAP and be ready for it to change. Above all say your prayers. Pray for peace and comfort and strength.

Good Luck to you. You can do it. You'll do great. Sounds like you have done great the whole pregnancy.

SAHM to Ben, Ryder and Alyvia - 8/7/07

ps. would it be alright if I listed you on our blog?

Kayleigh said...

Hey Astrid,this is Crystal Simms (from back in high school lol). First off, congratulations on the triplets!!! I'm so excited for you! If you have any questions about your c-section and healing and any of that kind of stuff, you should talk to my mom (can send you her number on myspace, I told her all about your wonderful news and she is very happy for you as well). She's a Labor & Delivery nurse with 25 years experience and she also delivered my three kids :) She's really easy to talk to and can put you at ease about alot of things, she definitely did for me during my pregnancies and deliveries as well as numerous friends of mine. Keep in touch, can't wait to see pics of your 3beautiful babies-to-be. :)

Lori said...

We can't wait to see our "Peas in a pod!!!" You're doing so good Astrid and we are so amazed how God has blessed you and answered our prayers! Rest up, The best is yet to be! :-)
Mike & Lori Brez - Mass Group

Jinx said...

my mother had 2 sets of twins and 2 singles.. She said the 2 things a mom of multiples need are a helpful husband and a sense of humor and sounds like you have both

jhp1421 said...

Astrid - Speaking for myself, I was so HIGH on adrenaline the day the babies were born, I barely remember anything from waking up to go to the hospital until I heard my first son cry. Epideral was a sinch, the cutting, the tugging, no big deal. I know that sounds nonchalant but it's just because I was so pumped up with excitement that everything else just whizzed by. I do remember that whatever they give you in the epideral made me WAY nauseous and that kept me pretty busy (trying not to puke on everyone) so I mostly just concentrated on that and then listening for the cries. It is THE SINGLE MOST SURREAL MOMENT OF YOUR LIFE I can guarantee you that! I am so excited for you, I'm gettin' pumped up just thinking about your delivery. It's gonna be great!

Sincerely, Jen from TC

Leah said...

You will do great. Parenting is the best blessing ever. Don't be to hard on yourself just do your best. Trust in God and pray alot.

Brittanie said...

You know, I was terrified that I'd be a horrible mother. Well, no, I was terrified that I would hate being a mother.

Neither are true.

Just go with the flow, and don't push yourself too hard! It's okay if you need help! You're going to be outnumbered, so don't be afraid to ask when you need a break. Especially since they won't necessarily all be napping at the same time so you aren't guaranteed a time to catch one yourself!

I'm glad everything looks wonderful! As always, you're in my prayers!

greekmom said...

Congrats on getting to this point Astrid! You will go great. Just relax and enjoy these memories.

When I had my triplets I didn't feel ANYTHING after the epidural, no tugging nothing. It was a piece of cake. The only weird part for me was not being able to feel my body as they were lifting onto the table. Just a very strange sensation. Everything else was easy.

The best part...will be greeting those three precious little babies.
Good luck.

Julie (greekmom) on TC

jaQinthebox/justjaQ said...

here is my ridiculously long comment...
though i'm obviously not a mother to triplets (how wonderful that there are places dedicated to moms of multiples, like this triplet connection i'm seeing mentioned! fabulous that the internet has something for everyone!), i can say with some confidence that it doesn't take too long to adjust to motherhood. of course, 3 new family members in a matter of minutes is rather different than the one at a time that i've had, but mothering is an instinct, so a loving mother like you will do beautifully. in no time, it will feel as if they've been with you forever.
i think three at once would freak out the best of us, but, you know, we're not given more than we can handle. :) there are no rules to good parenting: only doing your best, and that comes pretty naturally, when you're so in love. things fall into place, and you realise what kind of parent you are, or want to be, and you just do whatever you need to do for them.
try not to worry too far ahead, education and teaching right from wrong come a little bit later, thankfully :) by the time that comes, you'll likely know what you want to do~ and if not~ hey, lots of us have to wing it, at times. we're all undecided, sometimes~ some decisions are tough (things have a way of working out, :) fortunately)
in the beginning, it will probably be easiest to take things one moment, one day, at a time. there are good and bad days with children... i'm sure i haven't mentioned anything that you haven't already thought about, but i just wanted to offer some support, anyway~ since it can be pretty intimidating, getting ready for a baby~ i respect you, and can't imagine all you must be feeling!
look how far you've come, and yes!: how you've proved so many people wrong. i pray that S, G, and I won't need a nicu stay... or, a very short one, if necessary.
knowing that you'll give birth in mere days is mind-blowing~~ it's hard to think about anything non-baby, being soooo close to finally meeting these squirming little ones who've occupied your body for so long... the most special day of your entire life is in 4 days~ be sure to get lots and lots of photos. :)
i truly can't wipe the smile off my face when i think about you and the babes, and what a strong mama you are, and will be.
i know i don't know you well at all, and haven't even talked much with you... but to carry three babies for 7+ months: you *are* amazing. good things really do come to those who wait. (wow, how cliche do i sound? lol)
take care and try to take in every moment~ i think every mom has sais this at least once, but it's so true that babies become toddlers, and so on, before you know it. it's one amazing journey~ i'm looking back from here, with a son who plays nintendo and starts kindergarten this fall, and a talking daughter who turns 2 in less than two weeks, and won't stop climbing~ and i can't decide between "i can't believe they're this big/old", or "it's as if i've always had them". and i sooo miss the pregnancy/newborn stuff, can't wait to do it all again. :) <3
sending you and your husband XOs, love, peace, sunshine, luck, prayers, plus healthy birth weights, and quick healing vibes for you.