Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sofi is recovering well!

The procedure took 26 minutes.
I'm not even sure she was asleep for that whole time.
That's just how long we weren't with her.

It was that quick.
And now she has a new belly button.
Yesterday she was very uncomfortable.
She didn't want to walk or straighten out.

We have kept up w/ her pain meds, as suggested.
It seems to keep the discomfort away.
I think by this evening, we will have her on ibuprofen.

She seems to be doing very well with it.
She wasn't even afraid when they took her away.
Todd & I really worked on not making a big deal out of it.
We told her she was going to get a new belly button.

She chose to have a PINK one & made sure Dr. B knew.
Nina, the anesthesiologist, came to explain to Sofi that she
was going to breathe in pixie dust & feel like she was flying.

The mask even smelled like bubble gum.
And had glitter.
AND...was full of stickers!

She thought it was the coolest.thing.ever.
They also gave her a teddy bear & Dora stickers.

This girl was in Heaven.
I'm telling you, she loved the attention!

She was wheeled out to recovery & we were literally back there
within a minute to see our baby girl.
She wasn't crying too much although she was fussy.
Todd cuddled her a bit & then I picked her up & rocked her.

After we felt she was "awake" enough, it was time
to get her in the car and home to rest.
She fell asleep in the car, after some apple juice & a few crackers.

From that point on, it hasn't been too difficult.
Gabi & Ian have been very attentive to their sister.
They understand she can't play.
And because she isn't allowed to climb stairs,
we have an air mattress downstairs that she & I slept on last night.
Daddy was on the couch, not too far away.

Not a bad experience at all.
Thank God!


*Melissa* said...

Good to hear!!! SO glad everything went so smoothly!! Way to go mama! Ronan *MAY* have to have surgery when he is two, if his kidney reflux hasn't "righted itself"... Hopefully we won't but if we do, it is good to hear your experience!

Susan said...

Glad everything went well with Sofi. Hope you're enjoying the extra snuggle time with her too :)