Friday, July 15, 2011

Bronchitis/Walking Pneumonia

Sorry for my extended absence.
Gabi started running a fever on Sunday.
Never got over 101.
Meds took care of it during the day.
The fever would disappear at night.

But, it would always come back.
9ish every morning.
Very frustrating.
Especially since she had NO.OTHER.SYMPTOMS.

Seriously, nothing.
She had been acting completely normal.
Then came the slightest of coughs.
Nothing that would alarm you.
Nothing you would even notice, if there wasn't a fever.

By Wed, when the fever finally decided to go up to 102,
it was time to put in a call to Dr. N.
I said, "We are probably coming in for you to tell us it is a virus."
And the nurse said that's what it sounded like.

So, off we went.
Gabi & I.
Dr. N started listening to her lungs.
Kept asking Gabi to take deep breaths.
And then she looked at me.

"I hear wheezing. Left lung."

Excuse me?
Can you please say that again?

She said she definitely had bronchitis.
Probably a touch of walking pneumonia.
Caught early.

Um, thankyouverymuch.

Now on antibiotics & an inhaler,
albuterol, on a regiment, she is on the mend.

She is still acting completely normal.
The only time you know something is wrong is
when she runs for a bit & starts to cough,
trying to catch her breath.

It has been a very, very long week.
Waking up twice a night to fight a 3 year old
to take inhaler puffs, not so much fun.
Fever care, not so much fun.
Restless sleep, not so much fun.

Reminds me of the days when they were itty bitty.


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