Saturday, July 30, 2011

Big Dislike for July

I haven't posted much.
The reason being?
Our house is full of ickies.

It started with Gabi and walking pneumonia.
You would think that should be enough.

Sofi started running a fever on Tuesday.
And since Gabi had a followup on Wednesday afternoon,
they decided to squeeze in Sofi as well.

No symptoms other than a fever.
Her throat was barely red.
Glands were swollen just a bit.
Nose was red & inflamed.
Dr. N even said it was likely to be viral.
BUT, she did a strep swab just in case.

You can probably guess the outcome.
Yep, strep throat.
She has been running a fever on & off since Tuesday.

Great fun.
Then it got more interesting.
Ian started w/ a cough on Thursday.
It sounded croupy on Friday.

Off to Dr. N we went on Friday morning.
And the boy tested negative for strep.
So, he has a virus.

She even said it was likely that Sofi had the virus on top
of the strep throat.
Happy, happy, joy, joy.

Being couped up inside for all this time is no fun.
No fun for the kids,
and most definitely no fun for momma.

God please let this end soon.

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Stacy said...

Hi Astrid,
I thought of something after reading this, didn't your kids just get the MMR vaccine recently ?
Vaccines, especially the MMR, aren't safe and can cause a weakened immune system, among other things.
My 3 year old twins recently received their diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder, and I'm sure it's because I followed the vaccine schedule the way their Dr wanted, and they got all those shots in a short time. If I had it to do over I wouldn't have them vaccinated at all. They're definitely not getting the 2nd MMR.