Sunday, July 31, 2011

Breastfeeding Triplets

It can be done.
Granted, there will be many hurdles to jump.


it is possible.
Take it from me.
The girls got mommy milk until 13 months old.
Ian went all the way to 20 months.
And he chose by himself to give it up.
I think the peer pressure got to him.

After all, his sisters were getting milk in sippy cups.


That was that.
Fortunately, I was comfortable w/ his decision.
Not that I wasn't sad.
I did cry about a million & a half tears.
Most of it b/c it was the end of our breastfeeding relationship.
The other part b/c I knew I would never have this opportunity again.

I was reminded this evening by a great online friend, Renee,
how important this relationship was to me.
How much I sacrificed for my kids to get the goodies from mommy.
She even wrote a little shpeel about it on her blog.

Most triplet moms don't even think it is possible.
Some run in to supply issues.
Others run in to health issues.

I can speak from experience.
I had mastitis a total of ELEVEN times in 16 months.
Yes, you read correctly.
And if you have had it, you know what I sacrificed to keep going.

This battle was in my heart.
I already gave my children a disadvantage by knowing they would be born premature.
This was my way to give them back a little something.

If you doubt the fight is worth fighting,
I encourage you to find a La Leche League near you.
They are a wonderful support group.
If anything, they will provide a comfortable environment where you can ask questions and receive educated answers.

If in doubt, just know that this triplet momma,
that didn't have a nanny and did days by herself,
could manage to breastfeed and pump over 90 oz of milk
on a daily basis so if you think you can't...



heather, brent and the babies said...

thank you. thank you. thank you. Beautiful post!!

Kristen and Mike said...

You are the reason why I breastfed my triplets for 13 months! :) I found your blog right before I delivered and you were so inspiring!

Renee said...

more tears! I am so proud to have been a part of your success! <3

Elaine said...

In my ICAN of Atlanta group we have a mom who VBAC'd her triplets at 38 weeks and breastfeeds them! Warrior mama!

Brittanie said...

You're my hero!

Prather Family said...

You are so right on mama!!! Who said that having multiples means you can't breasfeed. I just love the part where you talked about giving the trips more after their prematurity...that was my mission as well. Thank you for putting this out there and letting the public know it can be done!!! I made it 18 months with the twins and it was the best sacrifice I could give them!!

Nicole M. said...

Reading this just made me smile. I remember when I was expecting Bailey how nervous I was about failing for the 3rd time in a row. I was soooo inspired by you. You were my first boost of confidence, "If she can go so long with three, and I really want this I can make it work for at least one year." LOL!

Sugar Mommy said...

Yeah! I LOVE this post!
I also was fortunate to breast feed my trio until 18 months! This was, along with triplets, one of my most proud of accomplishments!
I even had doctors in the NICU tell me I wouldn't be able to be successful on my own. Well, I showed them...all three 18 months and never had to buy a can of formula.
I was so inspired by this wonderful part of motherhood, I have started back at school to become a certified lactation consultant!
All new mommies need to lots of support and encouragement and ANYTHING is possible!
Thank you for sharing this post!