Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dance Class

It is hard to find anything affordable for the kids.
Times 3 makes things very expensive.
So, when this new dance studio opened up close to home,
I didn't get my hopes up but called anyway.

Turns out, they do a tiered tuition.
This means the 1st pays normal but every kid after goes down a tier.
I was so excited!
All I had to do was get the hubs on board.

I talked to the owner, she is a great gal.
She is also the teacher.
We talked about all the classes.
The decision was to put them in Creative Movement/Tap.

We go on Wednesdays at 9am.
Our first class was yesterday.
You should have seen the excitement of the kids.
It was the cutest.thing.ever.

They are still talking about it.
And I have to say, they were fairly good in class.
Eh hem...Ian had to proclaim his Buzz Lightyear-ness & do so every 5 minutes by getting up, spreading his "wings"& running around the studio.

I know it will get better in time.
This is such a good activity for them.
I can't wait until their 1st recital.

And don't you think I didn't take photos!

It was hard getting a decent photo before we left.

Out of the car & in to the studio...

Yep, I made the ballet wrap skirts & the tulle ponytail holders.

Checkin' out the studios...

Putting up our backpacks w/ our shoes in them.

I love this shot of my Sofi...

Warming up :)

Let's get the show on the road!

Sofi had to help Ian a bit.
That's my Sofi...aka, Boss Lady.

Ian LOVED the tap portion.
They were marching & making lots of noise!

After all was done, we had to run to the grocery store.
I thought this was a cool photo.
A complete oxymoron of sorts.
The harsh metal cart & my beautiful Gabi.

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Helena said...

They are so adorable in their dance wear. I can't wait for my boys to start their dance lessons.