Monday, May 2, 2011

If you think it gets easier...

It really doesn't.
It gets different.

The hardest part having triplets
was by far the night feedings.
Especially when the hubs goes back to work
and you have to fly solo.
(And then pump afterward.)

There is nothing that could match that difficultly,
except when Ian was in the hospital.
That was super duper hard.
And emotionally draining.

Then things evened out a bit.
But not for long.
It seems like w/ every road bump,
there comes another after.

We have hit the terrible 3's.
Lord help us.
It ain't been pretty around these here parts.
The attitudes just flat suck.

The no's.
The answering back.
The refusing to apologize.
The brutality between one another.

I could go on.

Here is our most recent sibling to sibling combat wound...

I wish I could get a photo of his teeth
but he doesn't like me touching his mouth.
My poor boy.
He's been on a soft food diet since Saturday.

I don't know if you can really see,
but his whole left (right in the photo) side of
his face is swollen.

Let's call it one running shove,
sneakers on wood floor (traction),
and no way of breaking the fall.

Teeth & left side of head met the floor.
Very intimately at that.

The damage?
Not sure yet but from what we can see,
he had 2 teeth pushed up in to his gums a bit,
and one of them pushed back.
1 super fat lip/gum/nose/cheek/eye area.
Butt loads of blood.
And one very pathetic looking boy.

Not gonna name names.
I love my girls.
But man, if she does it again...


~*Amanda~* said...

I've heard from MANY people that two's are a's the three's that are horrible. You are not alone! And face wounds are the worst-so much blood. Blah. Good luck!

Rebekah Wilson said...

I said it the entire time my daughter was 3... "i would gladly take the terrible 2's back if I could give up the thunderous 3's"

Sugar Mommy said...

Poor Guy!
I'm not taking in comfort in the fact that I am not alone...okay maybe a little bit.
My trio just turned 4. Everyone keeps asking if it's easier. Actually, more like telling me, "well at least it's easier now right?" They have NO IDEA!
Because, just as you said, it isn't easier. It seems to become more challenging everyday! But with that, we love them more everyday too! They are amazing little people, and how we are forever changed (for the better) to be their Mommies!

Take comfort in knowing you are not alone.