Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mommy & Daddy Night Out

It's actually called a social life.
We haven't had one in about 4 years.
And now it is beginning to pick up again.

What a relief!
Seriously, staying at home & missing adult interaction,
can really make you appreciate it more when you do it.

Todd & I really needed a night out.
Scott & Amanda's wedding celebration was perfect.
Scott is a dear friend of Todd's, dating back to college.
And we LOVE Amanda!
It is going to be fun getting to know her even better in the coming years.

The event was kow key enough for us to actually socialize,
but nice enough to play dress up.

Love for Amanda & Scotty G!!!
Congrats to the newlyweds!!!

I had to get a photo in the dress!
I never get to wear a dress :)

Sometimes I forget I'm an adult,
someone that needs that adult stimulation.
Being w/ the kids all the time is fabulous but even
this momma needs some time away.
AND even better w/ my hunny & our friends!

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*Melissa* said...

Good for you! Date nights are important for married couples. Glad you had fun with your man ;)