Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day Festivities

What a fabulous day!
I got to wake up late.
Have breakfast in bed w/ my 3 munchkins.
Got some new pj's that are super comfy.

Minnie Mouse if you are wondering.
From Gabi cuz she has a Minnie fascination.
AC/DC from Sofi.
Cuz it had serious rock bling on it.
And my Sofi is all about being girlie.

A pair of headphones for my computer.
Totally a boy gift.

Loved it all.
Can't forget the flowers I got from my hubs.

I got to lounge around in bed until 2pm.
Then I had to get dressed for the afternoon festivities.


I haven't eaten mud bugs since before I was preggers.
This was a treat!
Bill cooks the best mud bugs ever.

The whole family, minus my bro & his fiance, showed up.
It was a beautiful day!

All my kids wanted to show off their balancing skillz.

Todd's mini me.
They even have the same stance.

Watching the mud bugs racing!

Sofi's had a bit of an attitude.
Ian's won in the end!

Sofi's mud bug gave me an opportunity to
practice w/ my lens.
I didn't touch up the next few photos at all.

Getting pissy once again w/ Todd.

And best of all,
my Mommy made it.
If it weren't for her strength,
I would not be the mommy I am today.

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Renee said...

Happy Mother's Day Astrid! Sounds like the perfect day. Great pix of that crayfish!