Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sofi & Gabi's First Haircut

We absolutely adore Gina.
Not only b/c she has a great disposition
and loves kids and that the kids love her back...


Yep, you read right.
No need to take the monsters to a local salon.
She comes over in the comfort of our home.

Gina also does my hair.
As a matter of fact,
if she didn't come over to the house,
my hair would still be 1 color & probably 4 inches longer.


Cuz, I ain't leavin' the house to get my hair did.
With Gina coming home,
I simply do not have an excuse.

And since it was time for Ian to get a summer cut,
I had her trim up the girls' hair as well.
Now, let me tell you,
the girls reacted w/ squeals & literally jumping up & down.

Ian, on the other hand,
he promptly found Daddy's big blankie
and hid underneath.

Our strategy?
Cut the girls' hair first so he could see
that it doesn't hurt.

Thankfully, it worked.
No one shed a tear!

Sofi wanted to be first.
No surprise there.

Does this face say it all?!?
She's just like her momma.
I love to get my hair cut!
Makes me feel GOOD.

Then Miss Gabi got to sit in the hot chair.
She was mostly concerned about her pig tail.
She didn't want it cut.
But in the end, her whole head of thin hair got a trim.

Gabi maintained that stoic look on her face
throughout the whole haircut.
She still enjoyed it!

Compared to any other time he has had a haircut,
this is such a relief to see the joy in his face.

Overall, a great experience!
Can't wait for the next time around.



Miranda said...

Heheh... where are the after shots? Glad they took it well, I can't even get Zeke to sit still to BRUSH his hair, much less have it cut.

Cannot believe how big they're getting either :( Where did the last 3 years go?

Surviving Triplets said...

Miranda, I wish I had an answer to that. Ian won't sit still to get his hair brushed either!