Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter BBQ

What a wonderful Easter!
Papap & Gamma hosted a wonderful bbq.
Everyone in our little family went.

Abu & Meme.
Tio & Tia.
Uncle Jeff (not blood but may as well be).
The 5 of us, of course.

The food was OUT OF THIS WORLD.
Papap really outdid himself w/ the brisket,
the sausage, the chicken, & the ribs.

That's a whole lotta meat!
Oh, gotta mention the fab bbq sauce Papap makes.

But I have to mention that the whole day wasn't fab.
The morning was treacherous.
The kids almost unbearable.

We even threatened to not go to the bbq.
That's how bad it was.

And to top it off,
they chose to only nap for about an hour.

I think the anticipation was too much for them.
They wanted to get all dressed up & leave immediately.
I just wanted a glass of wine.

With all that said,
the afternoon was beautiful.
Not too warm.
Beautiful breeze.
Great company.

Good times all around!
And I have the pics to prove it.
Sorry, there are quite a few.

I was trigger happy.
Practicing some portraits & what not.
But most of all,
b/c it was a wonderful day!

Thank you Jesus for you have risen!

Don't mind Sofi's bandaid.
That is a direct result of Ian's piggy bank
wanting to get to know her better.
Are they the cutest?!?

Daddy & his girls.
So sweet!

Woah nelly!

Papap putting shoes on Gabi :)

LOVE this shot!
She looks so old :(

Sliding fun!
This really captures Sofi's spirit.

And this look,
among others,
is what makes me have a difficult
time saying no to this young lad.
My heart melts.

the one shot of the day.

So pensive...

Uncle Jeff chuckin' the duces!

Oma in all her glory.
I really like the way this photo came out.
Now you know where the blue eyes come from.

Gotta love the g-mas!
That would be Gamma on the left.
Meme on the right.

Oh boy, did the kids ever have fun playing w/ Tia!

Then it was time for the Egg Hunt.
Sofi was on top of that!

Gabi finally getting an egg.
Seemed like every time she would start going for one,
Sofi would come out of nowhere & snag it!

Go, Ian, Go!!!

Hey, you have more eggs than me!
I want one!

And the last one,
Tia & the kids.
I played w/ some editing features.
This is going to be printed.
So sweet & innocent!

We are so lucky to have the family we have.
Thank you God!!!

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Texas Gal said...

These pics make me smile BIG! Your kiddos are so much like Lizzie -- we never tell her when or where we are going until it is happening. She gets too anxious/excites/etc to know beforehand. AND - if things don't work out as planned then she gets bummed. (ie if we are planning to meet up with friends and someone gets sick and can't come, she is disappointed.) Sounds like you guys had a great day! Happy (belated) Easter sweet friends!