Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Goodbye to our dearest friends...

We bid you a fond farewell,
and welcome the extra space in the closet!

The kids started in teeny, tiny diapers.
They were SOOO hard to find!
It really didn't take them long
before they were peeing out of these things.

And we ended w/ these.
Gotta LOVE me some Dora & Diego.
They helped motivate my kids to stay dry.
But I gotta admit, we used these sparingly.

Let me explain,
after the potty training boot camp disaster,
it did get me thinking.
And thinking is always a good thing.

Part of what the program said made sense.
When it is time to PT,
put them in undies.


B/c the poor kids are confused!
I mean, they've crapped & pissed in a diaper for all their lives.
Now you are sticking a modified diaper,
calling it a pullup,
big girl diaper,
big boy diaper,
or what ever else you call it...
and you tell them not to crap or piss in it.

and then they do.

Well, yeah, of course!
So I knew when I used them for the kids
that we would battle this confusion.

And Gabi & Ian,
they like to take the easy way.
So if the diaper/pullup is on,
they were going to use that instead of be motivated
to go on the potty.

And since I only did 1 kid at a time,
it was ok while I was PRE-training them.
But when I got serious,
it was underwear time.


It worked 3 out of 3 times.
Call it a successful approach, yes.
Call it less stress on a triplet momma & daddy, yes.
Call it stretching out the whole process, sure.
Well worth keeping sane though.

Now, all we have to do is get Ian to make it through the night.
No rush, I can handle only 1 in overnights.
The other 2 are panties all the time.


Most importantly,
it was not a traumatic experience.
I think we waited until they were ready.
Just like we did w/ the bottle,
w/ the cribs,
now w/ the diapers & PTing,
and the same for any other challenge that requires
our kids to be ready for a big change.


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Susan said...

Woo hoo! Congrats on crossing the finish line! I hope to join you there by the end of the summer. I think we're going to try undies outside and see how that works out :)