Thursday, April 14, 2011

Time Out...Supernanny Style

I know we struggle w/ discipline
from time to time.
It's hard to do,
especially times three.

We have watched Supernanny,
even before kids.
It is interesting.

And having been a teacher,
many of her methods applied.

Well, we started watching her again.
Gotta love me some Jo-jo!
I even went as far as to watch the episodes
I have missed, on the computer.

We have also known about the time out technique.
Kinda used it, but not really to a "T".
Until about 2 months ago.

Sofi was having HORRIBLE temper tantrums.

And we needed guidance.
Supernanny gave it to us.
(thanks to Andrea for having typed out the steps below)


1. Warning

(eye contact, eye level, firm tone of voice)

2. Explanation and time out

(one minute per year of age)

3. Walk away

4. Explanation after time is up.

5. “I’m sorry”, hugs and kisses

6. Move on

Important: Do not engage in conversation or argument while the time out is going on. Every time the child gets up, silently place them back and reset the timer. If at the end of the time out, the child is not yet calm or ready to talk, let them have another minute or two to calm down.

Here is a clip for you to watch.

It works.
You have to be consistent.
Otherwise the kiddos will learn that you aren't serious.

We use to threaten time out & then not give it.
Not any more.
Don't worry,
we still flub up.

It's the nature of the parenting beast.

We also use this for mealtime as well.
Our timeout spot is closer to the table.
And it has made our once veggie refusing Gabi,
actually eat veggies.

We put the amount we want her to eat
which is normally a bite or two, where she can see what she needs
to gobble up.

If she refuses, we put it on the fork & tell her she has until we count
down from 5 to eat it.
Most days, she eats it before we ever hit the number 4.

Some days, she gets time out.
And those times, she comes back to eat her portion.

Yep, there have been a couple of times that she has all out refused.
We just bring her back to the table & try again, starting the process over.
These times are becoming rarer though.

Ian & Sofi only needed a time out or 2 to get the picture.
They are great eaters.

BUT, you have to be CONSISTENT.
If you aren't,

Hopefully this will help someone else.
Oh, I almost forgot to mention.
We never, ever, ever, never...
give them another food option.

What is on their plate is what they are going to eat.
I ain't cookin' twice or 2 different meals.



Jill said...

Great post - great advice, thanks!

Angela said...

Good for you Astrid re: the food. I am a short order cook with our younger 3. Never was for our older ones. I'm ready for a change.

Time outs are going pretty well here. But I think I do threaten a little too much.

Also, just met a mom who went thru the whole sprnanny experience only to have them not be able to air it. They were Jo's first fail. Jo really tried to help. She is fantastic. But wholly, I would not want to put my family thru the actual 2 weeks of taping! Crazy!

This was a fun post.

Yehudis said...

Wow. A family that stumped supernanny. I hope they are doing much better and found another source of help. What aspect(s) stumped her?

Aside: Using this post, I am crafting my own, homemade timeout pad out of foam paper from the dollar store. I am writing Time Out Pad in big black letters on a yellow pad and then in small print will write out the steps. I am going to place the pad on a floor (so it's mobile; am going to weigh it down with two magnetic fridge clips) and have them sit or stand by it for time outs. I am also going to make a smaller one for my purse. Thanks for posting the steps in excellent detail!